What is the best time to visit Lake Toba?

  • The best time to visit Lake Toba is between May and October. See more.

How far is Samosir from Medan?

  • Samosir island is inside Lake Toba, which is about 6 hours from Medan.

Is it a good time to visit Lake Toba during Chinese New Year?

  • Not really. The next Chinese New Year will fall in January 2018, i.e., during raining season. However, it is a high season on Lake Toba.

How to book your tours?

  • To book our tours, click on Book Now button to see the description first. Then click on Availability to check the availability of the tours at your selected dates. Please see details here.

Can I book for groups instead of individuals?

  • Yes, of course. Select the number of people who will join the tour on the booking form. Price for the group depends on the number of members.

Do I need to have a credit card to book?

  • Yes in most cases. But for reservation only, you don’t need any credit card.

Are you a legitimate company?

  • Yes, we are. Our company name is PT Nasco International, organized under the laws of Indonesia.

Can I travel with kids to Lake Toba?

  • Yes, you can take your kids and babies. We have a section on traveling to Lake Toba with kids. Please click here.

What’s nightlife like on Lake Toba?

  • It is a limited nightlife. For details, click here.

Are there Uber on Lake Toba?

  • No, there is no Uber yet on Lake Toba and surrounding areas. We recommend that you use rental cars for transportation.

What is the currency used on Lake Toba?

  • All transactions are in Indonesian Rupiah (mandatory). Some hotels accept foreign currencies but US Dollars only.

Can I travel to Lake Toba with a credit card exclusively?

  • You are OK to travel with a credit card, but please bring enough cash for the small expenditure such as food and expenses.

What to do on Lake Toba?

  • The first thing to do is tour the points of interest. There are over 100 attractions to see. Then, you have options for water activities, hill activities, sports, and hobbies. See also our Things to Do on Lake Toba.

What to see on Lake Toba?

  • See the panoramic views and spend some time on the beach. Top attractions to see are listed here.

Should I fly to Medan then take land transportation or straight to Silangit International Airport? Which one is better?

  • It is better to fly directly to Silangit International Airport than to transit via Medan. The Silangit International Airport is only 30 minutes to the shoreline. You save 4 hours of travel time by avoiding Medan. See our guide to Transportation on Lake Toba.