About Us

Our mission

Our mission is to provide the most relevant information and the best booking services for travelers to Lake Toba.

We have learned that the world does not have a central place where to get the comprehensive and most updated information on Lake Toba. The information is there online but scattered on many websites, and in languages that international community doesn’t understand. We are the first to come up with the idea of bringing together the scattered information into a single website that can be accessed easily online.

There are also many websites that provide booking services but none has focused on Lake Toba. The issue with the generic booking service is that they do not provide comprehensive and tailored services for the travelers. For example, they do not have a full suite of car rentals that serve all destinations on Lake Toba.

Our vision

We want to be the largest provider of booking services for travelers to Lake Toba.

To realize this we are implementing world-class standards on our systems. First of all, we ensure that the website has all the content that the travelers need, works fast on any connection, and is easy to use. Further, we work with our partners to offer you the best deals. Finally, but most importantly, we pay significant attention to getting and keeping your trust. We do so by earning industry recognition and awards, providing our users with excellent services, and seeking media exposure. We want to become a transparent company that you trust.

About our company

We are a company in Indonesia. Established in 2009, we are committed to delivering world class travel-related services. Office address:

Jalan Bulog 2 No.  3, Jatimelati
Bekasi 17414 – INDONESIA