Aek Manik Nature Bath

aek manik nature bath

Aek Manik Nature Bath

Aek Manik Nature Bath is located in Simalungun. To see it on the map, click here.

What’s Special

The history of Aek Manik bath before becoming a bathhouse and as a source of irrigation for the residents’ rice fields, the Bah Damanik bathing place was the bathing place for King Damanik and his family. That is why until now the Aek Manik Simalungun bathhouse in North Sumatra is still clean and preserved. Until now, the bathing area is still maintained and managed by the descendants of King Damanik. That’s why this tour is also called Bah Damanik, if one examines the meaning of Bah and Aek which means water from the Batak language.

What to Enjoy

It has very clear water and it is a cool place to bath. This destination, which is also known as the Sidamanik Bath, is quite difficult to reach because it is in a location that is quite far from urban areas, about 150 kilometers from Medan or 4 hours by road.

Initially this bath was an ordinary river flow, but there is a unique side where the pool water does not flow. When you look at the bottom of the pool, you will see a stretch of white sand such as very soft beach sand and several mountain rocks of various sizes, so that it gives a charming and beautiful atmosphere. The clear water bath is formed naturally without any human touch for renovation, the location is not so large and is in the middle of a tea plantation managed by PTPN.

What to Expect

The location is very exciting, cool and interesting to visit. It looks like a blue, clear, cool pool water. The pool is surrounded by shady trees so that every visitor swimming here is protected from the hot sun. In addition, around the pool there is also a substation as a place to rest for visitors. Interestingly, if you are lucky, for a moment there is a group of monkeys hanging and jumping from one tree branch to another. The location is suitable for use as a camping ground area, because right at the end of the bath there is a strategic location to chat with friends while enjoying delicious grilled fish. In order to get fish, visitors can fish or directly spear the fish that are at the end of the waters. Until now this location still has a lot of fish.

What Visitors Say

“It is a hidden paradise. The air is so clean and fresh, the water is also unpolluted and you can see the bottom crystal clear. It’s good to go here in the morning to enjoy the best part of it.” N Jr (Source)

“Great place to cool yourself during the day. The water comes from natural water source. Previously it was peace and serene but now full with warongs and people. The pond itself is still clear and clean despite the increase in visitors number.” Renata Purba (Source)

“Great place to cool yourself during the day. The water comes from natural water source. Previously it was peace and serene but now full with warongs and people.” R Ryanto (Source)

“Also suitable for recreation with family, affordable cost, and an amazing place.” indoad (Source)

“And when I saw it for the first time wow, it turns out that there is a place where the water is blue and clear here. But unfortunately when we got there the rain came huhu. But we still patiently waited. And when the rain has stopped its time for us to TAKE A SELFIE.” larestya (Source)

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