Aek Sipangolu

aek sipangolu bakkara

Aek Sipangolu is the name of a sacred waterfall at Bakkara whose springs come from the rocks on the slopes of the mountains. It is in Simangulampe Village, Baktiraja Subdistrict, Humbahas, which is 6.5 hours from Medan and 1 hour from the nearest airport. To see it on the map, click here.

During his visit, last February, the President of the Republic of Indonesia, Joko Widodo in North Sumatra, planted 1,000 trees in Simangulampe Village, Baktiraja District, Humbang Hasundutan Regency (Humbahas) and submitted a Social Forestry Decree and a TORA Decree (Land Object for Agrarian Reform).

The tree planting that was initiated by President Jokowi was attended by thousands of people who spread out on the Hill of Simangulampe Village, Aek Sipangolu Bakkara with ministers and other entourage at UPSA, Simangulampe Village, Baktiraja District. The tree that is mostly planted is the macadamia nut from Australia. This tree said one who attended the event and claimed to be from the North Sumatra Provincial Forestry Service, in the next five years it can be harvested.

What’s Special

The¬†story behind the waterfall is incredible. According to the legend, the area used to be the resting place of King Sisingamangaraja I and his elephant. Once upon a time, they were thirsty, but the water was too far down the hill. The king begged the Almighty, then stroked his wand onto a stone. Then the miracle happened. The water came out of the stone and later became a waterfall. The water continues to fall until today. On top of that, Aek Sipangolu is believed to cure various diseases. According to local beliefs, the illness will disappear by praying before drinking, washing your face, bathing, or performing a small ritual at Aek Sipangolu. The problem will decrease, and life will improve. Aek Sipangolu means ”life-giving water”.

What to Enjoy

“Travel while praying” is the right word for this tourist attraction. Enjoy cold and fresh water from Cadas Hill, the source of Aek Sipangolu, that flows directly into the community-made swimming pool right below Sipangolu. It doesn’t stop there. The water flows down further and directly into Lake Toba at the foot of the hill. Swimming in the pool with a view of the blue lake gives a unique sensation. It feels as if you are swimming above a wide lake. Don’t worry about getting dark when bathing in sunny weather. Mango trees will provide shade throughout the day. You can go down and swim in Lake Toba as well. But, only adults are allowed to do so.

Tired of playing in the water? Don’t worry. Residents have set up small huts where you can rest and enjoy local food. Indomie Goreng (fried noodles) and Indomie telor (egg noodles) are just among the favorite menu you must try. The hot and spicy sauce of the branded noodle would warm your body and let you return fresh from Aek Sipangolu. The price is of course very friendly.

What to Expect

You can swim but are expected to dress modestly (no bikini) since this is considered a ritual location. The entrance is free, but you are supposed to tip the guards on departure. The road in front of the waterfall is quite busy with passing cars and motorcycles during peak seasons, so make sure you are careful when you cross it.

What Visitors Say

“Very fresh waterfall from the mountain, with around 24 degree Celsius temperature and a great view directly into the great Lake Toba……amazing.” Bastian Parulian (Source)

“Historical landmark about Sisingamangaraja. A hero in Batak freedom.” Ganteng Marluga (Source)

“Good place, everyone who comes to here must try to take a bath with ‘jeruk purut’ because local people believe people who came n do that will get lucky and blessing from Sisingamangaraja.” Megu Sanja (Source)

“The cold and freshwater that comes from Candas Hill, the source of Aek Sipangolu, flows directly into the resident’s swimming pool, which is located right below Aek Sipangolu. While swimming, we can enjoy the beauty of Lake Toba.” Dorma Sihite (Source)

“Not only does it flow into the swimming pool, the water then flows again directly into Lake Toba. Swimming in a swimming pool with a blue view of Lake Toba certainly gives a fresh sensation.” Frans (Source)

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