Ajibata Beach

Ajibata Beach

Ajibata Beach

Ajibata Beach is the nearest beach from the port connecting the mainland with Samosir island. Ajibata Beach is not a broad beach to soak up the sun on the shoreline. But it is enough space to stand on the sands just before hopping onto the water games. Ajibata Beach is in the Ajibata district, Toba Samosir, about 45 minutes from Parapat or 3.5 hours from Medan. To see it on the map, click here.

What’s Special

The main advantage offered by Ajibata Beach is its proximity to the dock. This means that tourists who come to or return from Samosir Island can first stop there.

Ajibata Beach view is exotic. The waters of the beach are wide with clear water. Green hills surround them. The white sand, combined with the rocks and shady trees typical of the highlands around it. This makes Ajibata Beach so interesting to visit. The waters on Ajibata Beach are shallow enough to several meters and the current is not strong. So, those of you who want to swim or just soak can do so with a peace of mind.

Ajibata Beach is always busy, especially over the weekends and holidays (including long school holidays for children). Local visitors still dominate the crowd. They come from North Sumatra and other parts of the country. As most activities take place during day time, Ajibata Beach is quiet at night.

What to Enjoy

There is an area for fishing on the edge of the lake along with passenger boats to get around. There are also lounge chairs with umbrella tents for tourists where they can relax and enjoy the scenery while ordering coconut water, seeing the expanse of hills on the horizon, and overlooking their kids playing jet ski or other water games with local instructors. The tents are rentable at a fairly affordable price of Rp 25,000 ($1.75) each. They are not too big but each tent can accommodate up to 5 people.

Ajibata Beach also offers activities such as bathing using tires, banana boats, duck canoe riding, and boat crossing. The latter activity will test your adrenaline in the middle of the stretching lake waters, by balancing your body between the speed of the boat (which is quite fast). For those of you who are not experienced, expert trainers will accompany you.

There are also many restaurants serving a variety of special culinary delights that you can try. The menu selection ranges from North Sumatra specialties such as arsik and ‘gomak‘ noodle to some international cusines.

Accommodations are also widely available along the shore. The majority of them are cottages and homestays. A room rage at a typical cottage may cost only $10 a night. If you require breakfast, an additional charge may apply.

What to Expect

There are no retribution fees to enter Ajibata Beach. But, some parts of the beach look dirty and abandoned. Chose to stay at one of the hotels that directly overlook the beach, as the hotels would manage the adjacent beach areas for the comfort of their customers.

If you plan to cross to Samosir on the same day of your trip to Ajibata Beach, make sure you allow enough time to board on time. The boarding takes some time as passengers have to walk thru the shaking dock onto the ferry. The ferry ride to Samosir island takes approximately 45 minutes.

What Visitors Say

“Very beautiful, boss!” Ponsel Hamides (Source)

“Tourists who come usually because they are confused about where to go in the midst of the hustle and bustle of traffic jams on holidays,” Siman (Source)

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