Asahan River

Asahan River

Asahan River

Asahan River is a huge natural stream of water that flows along 150 kilometers (93 mi) from Lake Toba, forming the longest river in North Sumatra. The river starts from the Sigura-gura dam in Toba Samosir at the Southeast part of the lake. It finishes at Nibung Bay in the Malacca Strait. To see it on the map, click here.

What’s Special

Asahan River is the main outflow of Lake Toba and a famous location of international rafting activities. The flow reaches 120 cubic meters (4,238 cubic ft) per second. Moreover, the river complex characteristics and swift currents have made it qualified for world-class rafting. For example, the river is a regular venue for international rafting events such as the Asahan Whitewater Festival (AWF). The AWF course runs for 22 kilometers (13.7 mi). It starts right in front of the Sigura-gura dam and ends at the town of Bandar Pulau.

Asahan River is the third best whitewater rafting location in the world, i.e. after Zambesi in Africa and the Colorado River in the United States. In addition, this river has an upstream with a very beautiful view because it is directly facing Lake Toba.

What to Enjoy

Whitewater rafting and kayaking are the main attractions to enjoy. Rafting packages that you buy from the operators shall come with a full set of rafting facilities. They usually include decent homestays and breakfast, too. On demand raft and kayak rentals area also available on the spot. There are restaurants and coffee shops that offer local and international food. Unsurprisingly, the culinary there is typical with delicious flavors.

What to Expect

Asahan River’s rafting course consists of four sections with varying characteristics and difficulties. Just off the floodgate of Sigura-gura dam all the way to the Parhitean Bridge, the ‘Never-Ever-Ends’ is the first part of the course. It offers an endless 3.5 kilometers (2.2 mi) or 20 minutes of an endless thrill of interconnected lines with difficulty grades measuring at 4 to 5. Here, the challenge prevents rafters from even adjusting their seats along the course.

The second section or the ‘Hula-Huli Run’ starts from the Parhitean Bridge and ends at the Hula-Huli Village. The 2.5 kilometer (1.6 mi) course has grade difficulty of 3 to 4. Many consider this a fair course, nevertheless, still not advisable for beginners.

The third section is the most amazing part of the entire course. With some of the most challenging rapids and difficulty grade reaching to 5 plus, this section of the river is called ‘The Nightmare.’ It takes a whole lot of nerves and mental readiness, aside from years of experience and more than good skills, to conquer this block.

The final section (known as the ‘Halim Run’) is the easiest and safest part. Beginners and ordinary tourists can enjoy the relatively easy whitewater rafting that usually lasts for 3.5 hours here.

What Visitors Say

“On the Asahan River, there are many rapids that rafters and kayakers can enjoy. The point is it’s very challenging. The current is very distinctive with beautiful views along the flow.” Risjon Simatupang (Source)

“Rafting and kayaking activities there are guaranteed safe. Because, there is a companion operator. Before going down to the river, important information was conveyed. This information, among others, is related to the character of the river and its rapids.” Dadang (Source)

“Who doesn’t like it here? Enjoy the perfect natural beauty. Endless to the eye. It’s a beautiful forest. Blue green exudes charm. Beneath the natural carvings of rock cliffs. Soar to the sky. Where the water seems to be pouring out. From a height of more than 250 meters. The water refracts creating a purple silk-colored mist.” rosnasari05 (Source)

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