Bah Biak Waterfall

bah biak waterfall

Bah Biak Waterfall is a nature attraction in Simalungun. To see it on map, click here.

What’s Special

Bah Biak Waterfall is in the area of tea plantations and coffee plantations. It makes this tourist location very suitable for those who are tired of the feel of the city and the endless pile of work. The location of Bah Biak Waterfall is not far from the parking area. And the path to the location of Bah Biak Waterfall is well organized. This is a good place to visit during your holiday.

What to Enjoy

After arriving at the tourist location of Bah Biak Waterfall, there are several kinds of activities that can be done and enjoyed by visitors. Among them:

1. Play Water And Swim
Most of the children who go to the Bah Biak Waterfall tourist location, on average they can’t wait to immediately try the freshness of the swimming pool near the waterfall location.

The pool is equip with a slide that goes directly to the swimming pool, just like in an ordinary swimming pool.
The swimming pool water comes from Bah Biak Waterfall which is clear and refreshing. And look at the look on your child’s face when you see this waterfall for the first time.

At that location there is already a place that rents or sells float tires with unique shapes.

2. Photo Spot
In addition to playing in the water, Bah Biak Waterfall is the right location to fill social media content with photo hunting, and very instagrammable vlogs.

What to Expect

The road to the location is twisting a bit due to the mountainous route.

What Visitors Say

“You have to drive around 30 to 40 minutes to reach this waterfall.. and going by foot around 1 km.” Ahmad Reinaldi (Source)

“Nice place.. But need to go through bad roads to reach.” Vicam Sihois (Source)

“My First time visiting on December 2016 the way to get there is not easy.” Trader Marlon (Source)

“It is advisable to bring supplies of drinking water because there are no food and drink vendors along the road. At the location of the new waterfall, there are many traders. Enjoy your trip to Bah Biak Waterfall.” sryatman (Source)

“This waterfall is no less interesting to visit. Yes, the name is unique… “Bah Biak Waterfall”. Tourism activities at Bah Biak Waterfall have the advantage of being in the middle of a tea garden, thus adding to the beautiful scenery around the waterfall. Access to Bah Biak Waterfall is also full of challenges. We pass through the hills of Kebun Teh which have a very extreme slope of the ground after it rains. We pass through bushes and have to pay close attention to the direction of the turns.” ledyrufina (Source)

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