3 Things to Find in the Batak Museum at Tomok

The Batak Museum at Tomok is a Batak museum established in 2005. This museum resembles the Batak traditional house. To see it on the map, click here.

What’s Special

The museum has a range of collections related to the Batak lands. First, look at the statues and the small stone tables at the corner of the museum courtyard. These objects date from the megalithic times. Then get inside. There are 3 things to find in the Batam Museum at Tomok that will change your mind about Batak:

  1. Different types of fabric based on its usage or function. They explain the richness of Batak ancient culture;
  2. A wide variety of farming and household equipment, such as swords, knives, warfare, etc. It demonstrates the level of civilization on the Batak land.
  3. Statues made of wood and stones, and some gondang music instrument. You will appreciate Batak’s taste for arts even during the ancient times.

Although the collection is not too much and the building is also not too large, the museum can provide experience and new knowledge about the background of people living on Lake Toba.

What to Expect

Entrance is free, but a voluntary donation is welcome.

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