Cross of Love

cross of love

Cross of Love is a monument built in 1993 to honor and commemorate the services of the Christian missionaries on Lake Toba, especially Nomanssen. It is in the Siatas Barita Subdistrict, North Tapanuli, about 2 hours from the nearest airport. To see it on the map, click here.

What’s Special

Three gigantic columns as a symbol of the Trinity support the 31-meter (100 ft)-high Cross of Love. Under the cross, there is a small prayer room and in front of it an open seat for 600 people. Beside the cross is a sculpture of Mr. Nomanssen staring at Silindung valley in Tarutung. The portray is to recall his footprint in 1863 when he looked at the valley and prayed, “Alive or dead, let me stay in the middle of the nation. I am doing this to spread the Words and Your Kingdom.” There is also a playground and open stage used for ceremonies. The Cross of Love lights up in the evening, which makes it visible from Tarutung.

What to Enjoy

There are several prayer rooms, selfie spots, a place to buy souvenirs about the Cross of Love, a large parking lot, restaurants, and several other facilities. Each visitor can pray in a room measuring 2 x 2 meters (6 x 6 ft) solemnly. In addition, there is a hall commonly use for spiritual tourism services. At night, the Cross of Love emits a light that spreads a sense of peace. The light of the Cross of Love also complements Tarutung as a peaceful and spiritual tourist city.

What to Expect

You need to walk up the ladder to get to the location. Entrance fee is Rp 2,000 ($0.15)/person.

What Visitors Say

“Lovely spiritual place.” Roni Simanjuntak (Source)

“The weather is cool, nice view, quiet atmosphere. There are special rooms for praying.” Uli Theresia (Source)

“Need a place to contemplate or time to be alone with God? This is the best place for you, enjoy your time praying in a praying hut in the midst of forest. You can also find a monument built for Nomanssen, the missionary in Batak’s Land.” Meiliana Mulyani (Source)

“For those who want to leave a memento on the Cross of Love, they can write their names on the tombstone there. The tombstone proves that visitors to the Cross of Love are not only Sumatrans, but also from outside Sumatra.” Bocahudik (Source)

“This location is arranged with a beautiful and cool recreation park. There is also a playground and an open stage for the performance of spiritual songs. At night, the Cross of Love can be seen with its light, complementing Tarutung as a cool and peaceful city of spiritual tourism.” Valent Huba (Source)

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