Destinations on Lake Toba

Destinations on Lake Toba are widespread. The lake itself touches upon seven regencies (counties) in North Sumatra, Indonesia. They share the lake’s 294-kilometer (180 mi) shoreline. Further north from the lake is the city of Pematangsiantar. Although it is not on the lake shore, many tourists coming to Lake Toba often visit the town to see their museums and other artifacts. However, the town is completely encircled by one of the seven regencies, i.e. Simalungun. Peoples in both places share the same tribe of Simalungun.

Destinations on Lake Toba include Langkat Regency. Again, it is not on the lake shore, but many tourists coming to Lake Toba often visit Langkat to see orangutans and other rare species. Finally, the main gateway to all destinations is Medan City. Unsurprisingly, Medan is also a tourist spot with a lot of attractions. As many people would like to use the same trip to cover both Lake Toba and Medan, we have also included Medan in the list.

We have therefore organized “Destinations on Lake Toba” into nine locations accordingly:

  1. Dairi
  2. Humbahas
  3. Karo
  4. Langkat
  5. Medan City
  6. North Tapanuli
  7. Samosir
  8. Simalungun
  9. Toba Samosir

Click on the images below to review what each destination offers. It helps you decide where to go.