Dokan Village

dokan village

Dokan is a village in Merek District, Karo. It features the preserved culture and life of Karo people (a sub-tribe of Batak) in the past. It is about 3 hours from Medan. To see it on the map, click here.

What’s Special

Dokan represents an old look of Karo. It is one of three villages depicting the history and ancient civilization of Karo. The other two are Lingga and Peceran villages. They feature traditional houses called Siwaluh Jabu, a unique home where eight families live together.

Dokan has eight units of Siwaluh Jabu, of which seven are in use. Of the 300 families living in Dokan, 56 families or 20% of the population occupy those seven houses. A long cloth curtain marks the boundary of one family with another at night. The parents and children sleep together.

What to Enjoy

Tour Dokan by car, then stop by to talk to local residents. If you wonder why seven families would live in one house, ask them. You will hear the story of what family members feel about each other. Learning about their values and cultures is the best part of your tour.

Dokan is obviously a beautiful village. Vegetation is lush, and mountains are grassy. So, it is also good for sightseeing and photography.

What to Expect

The road to the village is generally in good condition. However, expect some parts of it to be winding and bumpy.

What Visitors Say

“Until now there are five traditional houses at this place. One of them is screaming for help….renovation, reconstruction, whatever, to make it survive.” Anna Lucy (Source)

“Hundred years old batak houses in the center of the village. As some families still live in them – it’s quite unusual connection of tradition and present times. Entry is free, but they will ask for donation.” Lukasz oio (Source)

“Peacefull village.” Christian H Tambun (Source)

“There is a swimming pool on the hill and beautiful views that we can see from the top of this hill.” Berma Tarigan (Source)

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