Efrata Waterfall

efrata waterall

Efrata Waterfall or also called Sampuran Efrata Waterfall is the name given by one of the visitors who came from Europe. The meaning of Efrata or Euphrates is the most beautiful and holy garden. Samosir has several interesting natural attractions, one of which is the Efrata Waterfall which has a height of about 20 meters.

The location of the Efrata Waterfall is about 186 km from the center of Medan City. Even though the distance is quite far, this waterfall offers beauty with a stretch of water that falls so swiftly and widens. To see it on the map, click here.

What’s Special

Efrata Waterfall is adjacent to the Tele View Tower and Lake Toba. Therefore, do not be surprised if many local and foreign visitors when visiting Tele or Lake Toba also stop by the waterfall.

The source of this Waterfall comes from Bukit Barisan. This waterfall has a height of about 26 meters with a stretch of water that falls so swiftly and broadly. The natural beauty around Efrata Waterfall is an attraction for both local and foreign tourists.

There is a closer look at the waterfall that further portrays its beauty.

What to Enjoy

This location is no less interesting as a photo spot, many tourists stop on their way to take pictures at this place. Around the waterfall, there are large trees that add to the beauty of the waterfall. Right below the waterfall, some rocks are large and small.

This waterfall is located between the cliffs with shady trees that show the beauty of this waterfall. The green hilly area is the first dish when a traveler travels here.

What to Expect

The trip from Samosir Regency to Efrata Waterfall will cover a distance of 36 km and take approximately 1.5 hours. This trip will take Jalan Tele-Pangururan – Jalan Arianboho – Efrata Waterfall.

To get to the waterfall, visitors must walk approximately 50 meters from the parking lot. During the trip, they will be greeted by lush trees.

Visitors who will enjoy the waterfall will be charged an entrance fee of Rp. 8K. Meanwhile, the parking fee for cars and motorbikes is Rp. 2K per unit.

What Visitors Say

“Beautiful scenery on the way. The waterfall is good, but cannot swim.” Jan Waren (Source)

“Another great place for taking pictures.” Jessica Calista (Source)

“It’s great, I miss wanting to go there again.” Anak singuda si naritik (Source)

“I was here yesterday’s Eid. I didn’t regret it. Super complete. A beautiful lakeside village, with a lake, there are two waterfalls, Sibea Hill, and Holbung Hill. Greetings from Aceh.” Bus tami (Source)

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