Events on Lake Toba

Something exciting is happening on Lake Toba. In particular, the world’s largest volcanic lake is seeing the opening of international flights to Silangit Airport. Book your trip today to explore the events and to get a sense of the land and the culture.

There are not many events left before the end of the year. Hurry up to book your tour.

Samosir Jazz Season, Oct. 28

This event is unique because it is not only singing jazz music full of harmony but it also combines international music (jazz) with traditional music like Gondang Taganing. With the background of Lake Toba, the scenery makes the Samosir Jazz Season look exclusive. The event also features Indonesian jazz artists such as Viki Sianipar, Judika, Monita Tahalea, etc. who will collaborate with typical Batak musicians such as Erick Sihotang, etc. See more.

Silangit Airport Turns International, Oct. 28

President Joko Widodo is set to officiate the upgrade of the status of Silangit Airport from domestic to international on October 28, 2017. The airport will soon begin to serve international flights, probably initially from Singapore. The airport is only half an hour from Lake Toba’s shore. If you book the flights, search for DTB (IATA airport code) or Siborongborong (city name). Currently, the nearest international gateway is Medan’s Kualanamu International Airport and the Port of Belawan (about five hours from the lake’s shore).

Sigale-gale Carnival, Nov. 25

The carnival will feature the parade of Sigale-gale puppets on the road of Tuktuk, Samosir, on November 25, 2017. It is a Batak cultural activity that includes dancing, singing, and traditional music. Residents will show off their creativity of the shape and dress of the dolls. They will make and dress the creatures most attractively to win the most attention from the audience, and probably for a prize. The best place to stay if you want to see this event is Tuktuk.

Sipinggan Festival, Dec. 28

The event will feature Toba culture and entertainment in Sipinggan village, Samosir. Year-end is a peak season on Lake Toba, and this event well fits the timing. Usually, a high number of tourists come to spend their New Year’s Eve on the lake. You need to make sure you have booked your flights and accommodations much ahead of time for taking part in this event.

We update event schedules on this page regularly. Stay tuned.