Frog Stone Bath

Frog Stone Bath is a clear river under the hills of Bahorok in Langkat, about 2.5 hours from Medan. To see it on the map, click here.

What’s Special

The bath is under shady trees inside Gunung Leuser National Park, a protected forest area. Some currents are strong, some are light, and you can choose which one to bath in. Besides the natural baths, you can also enjoy the sensation of adventure into some caves: Cave of Match, Cave of Pupuk Mentar, Cave of Water, Cave of Batu Rijal, Cave of Door Wind, and Cave of Mbelin. Other activities that you can do there are rafting along the river and trekking to Mount Kapur.

What to Expect

Entrance fee is Rp 3,000 ($0.20), car parking fee is Rp 10,000 ($0.80), motorcycle parking fee is Rp 5,000 ($0.40). Small cafes and food stalls are available. You are recommended to use the services of tour guides to maximize your experience, as they can tell you what to do for the best excitement. Bargain their fees in advance, but they should not be more than Rp 200,000 ($ 15) per day. Bring camping equipment if you who want to spend more time by the river or in the jungle.

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