What’s Special in the Garden of Eden 100?

The Garden of Eden 100 (Taman Eden 100) is a 40-hectare (100-ac) natural forest area at the height of 1,100 to 1,750 meters (3,609 to 5,741 ft) above sea level in the village of Lumban Rang Sionggang Utara, Lumban Julu District, Toba Samosir. It is 25 minutes from PaparatTo see it on the map, click here.

What’s Special

The Garden of Eden 100 teaches the importance of planting trees and flowers. It has over 100 species of plants. They include figs from Jerusalem and butternuts from the Amazon, to name a few. The flowers and other vegetation stand neatly. They include banyan, avocado, mango, and orchid. You are free to eat fruits in the garden. There are durian fruit, avocado, orange, guava, and so on.

There are three waterfalls in the garden. If you want to see firsthand the habitat of bats, see them at bat caves located by the waterfalls. There are camping grounds as well.

What to Enjoy

Accommodations arount the Garden of Eden 100 are mostly homestays. These houses typically accommodate 8-10 people in each building. It comes with electricity, a bathroom with a mattress, and a simple kitchen. A few restaurants and coffe shops nearby the park serve delicious food and good drink.

There are also camping and family recreation facilities in the park. It also provides a retreat or a tour with spiritual nuances and scout camp activities with the uniqueness of a campfire. Clean toilets are in the hall (meeting room) and a strawberry garden.

What to Expect

Entrance fee to the Garden of Eden 100 ranges from Rp 3,000 to Rp 7,000 per person. The tariff has covered vehicle parking and access to several attractions. Visitors will also have the opportunity to plant trees and own them. The maintenance cost ranges from Rp 100,000 ($8) to Rp 300,000 ($16) per tree.

What Visitors Say

“Great place to hike, there are 3 waterfall in the area. Perfect for those who love bird viewing, hearing the sounds of Siamang all day long, and have some coffee in Sherwood black coffee near the strawberry garden.” Bondan Petra (Source)

“Nice place to spend with family and friends. Nice view and the waterfall !!! Dont forget to bring extra clothes and try the waterfall.” Krisnayana Agus (Source)

“Cool and beautiful. Taman Eden 100 is a tourist attraction in the Toba Samosir district of North Sumatra, a place that is so cool and beautiful because there are many types of plants there and the water is beautiful, when I saw the location my children were so excited. For young people who want to camp this place is also suitable, making a retreat for spiritual tourism is just right. This place is good for our choice of travel.” Eliazaneta (Source)

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