Gibeon Waterfall

gibeon waterfall

Gibeon Waterfall

Gibeon Waterfall is a spring that falls directly into a swimming pool. It is in the village of Parsaoran Sibisa, Ajibata District, Toba Samosir, about 1 hour from ParapatThis swimming pool is open every day, from 08.00 to 18.00 local time. To see it on the map, click here.

What’s Special

The scenery on Gibeon Waterfall is broad and natural. Trees and the sound of chirping birds are the dominant environment. You can go down some stairs to enjoy the waterfall in the pool along with the beautiful view of Lake Toba. It’s cold and clear water, suitable for daytime swimming. When entering the pool, the mountain water continues to circulate so that it is very clean.

What to Enjoy

There are various facilities that complement the spring, such as prayer houses, churches, prayer towers, lodging rooms, study rooms, halls, campfire facilities, secretariat, field worship facilities, courtyard parking, open space, kitchen, and swimming pool. You can get to Gibeon Waterfall by land transportation only. If you depart from Medan, go straight to Parapat. From Parapat, head directly to Parsaoran Village. Enjoy the the lake and mountains’ view along the way.

Accommodations are either in Ajibata or Parapat.

What to Expect

Entrance fee is Rp 10,000 ($0.40) per person plus Rp 2,000 ($0.15) for parking (motorbike). Road access is good, but the route is mostly climbing and winding.

What Visitors Say

“The waterfall is cold, clean and blue so it’s tempting to throw myself into the pool.” Irwanto (Source)

“Spiritual tourism, this place is not far from the city of Parapat. There is a place to pray for Christians which is open until 6 in the afternoon. For baths and waterfalls ticket sales are until 6 o’clock while the location is open until 7.30 at night. Waterfalls and cold pools are not available hot water. Unfortunately cleanliness is not maintained. Many wash rooms and changing rooms have been damaged.” Mel Pangrib (Source)

“The waterfall is unique, the location is about 10 minutes from the city of Parapat, the place is beautiful, the waterfall is unique because there is a swimming pool underneath, the water is fresh, lots of parking areas around. suitable to bring children and family.” Devitampu (Source)

“Well, what’s more popular and most interesting to visit is that there is a swimming pool and waterfall that are integrated, so the waterfall falls directly into the swimming pool that has been designed as attractive as possible for tourists.” medanwisata (Source)

“In the area of the hill of Gibeon there are orchards and vegetables, the road up and down is also exciting.” curhatanwisata (Source)

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