Gondang Naposo Festival

gondang naposo festival

The Gondang Naposo Festival will take place on Friday and Saturday, April 27-28, 2018. It is a place to find a mate for youngsters who have obtained the blessings of their parents. It’s a unique Batak ethnic ritual used as a medium of introductory as well as advanced talks between matured boys and girls as a way to step into the marriage. In addition to the matchmaking event, there are also performances by dance studios from SamosirDairiNorth TapanuliToba SamosirPematangsiantarMedan, and others.

Also, as a medium of traditional dance performances aimed at unifying the uniqueness of Tortor Naposo, which is a traditional dance from Batak ancient times.

What’s Special

The event is not only a perfect holiday option but also a rare opportunity to enjoy and watch the cultural tradition while vacationing on the crowded yet clean and comfortable Tandarabun Beach. On the beach, you can rent and play with a jet ski or cycle down the beach on a water bike. You can also play volleyball on the soft sand and bask in the sun.

What to Expect

The event is free to the public as well as the participants. To participate in this event, you must be at least 16 and unmarried. You will join a team that has 25-30 people. Each side must have a gondang (spokesman) and perform dances.