Gundaling Hill

gundaling hill

Gundaling Hill is on the outskirts of Berastagi, Karo, at the altitude of 1,575 meters (5,167 ft) above sea level. According to the legend, the hill name came up from a soldier who lost his favorite weapon on the hill. He could not find it despite his efforts. To express his sadness, he wrote “Gun Darling” on the top of the hill. The hill is about 2.5 hours from MedanTo see it on the map, click here.

What’s Special

Gundaling Hill offers the view of Mount Sibayak, Mount Sinabung, Berastagi, and the surrounding area of extensive farming. It also offers the weather perfect for weekend holiday for those trying to escape the hectic city life.

What to Enjoy

Walking on the hill will be a sensation of its own and fun for the visitors. Not only does the hill have the view of green pine forest, but it also has a few parks with flowers and human sculptures dressed in typical Karo costumes. There are also horses that you can rent to ride around the hill. The horse owners will lead and guide you around. If you want to ride a delman ( a two-wheeled cart pulled by a horse) with your friends or family, you can also do so at Gundaling Hill. Before entering the hill, you will pass some fruit markets and gardens where you can stop by to order a glass of sugar cane juice directly processed from the fresh stalks of sugar cane.

Various types of flower plants and accessories are also available which can be used as souvenirs for tourists. What’s even more interesting is that there are Korean, Japanese and Dutch clothing rentals at that location.

What to Expect

Expect traffic congestion during weekends. If you bring kids, beware of their activities as some slopes are steep. Entrance fee to the hilltop is Rp 4,000 ($0.30). Lodging facilities including hotels and restaurants are available nearby the hill.

What Visitors Say

“Nice panoramic mountain view.” Suwanto Yip (Source)

“Best view sightseeing in Medan luv luv luv” Diyanno 80 (Source)

“Nice View, good place for short escape from Medan.” Iqra Prasetia (Source)

“The hill is overgrown by pine trees and looks beautiful when viewed from under the city of Berastagi. Especially when you are at the peak, it is certain that the beautiful scenery and fresh air immediately become the first treat for tourists.” Valent Huba (Source)

“From the top of the hill we can see directly Mount Sinabung clearly and beautifully. From the bottom side, we can also see Mount Sibayak perfectly. Along the road along this hill there are coffee shops, souvenir shops and ornamental plant breeders set in the city of Berastagi from a height. The carvings of land and trees are so beautifully etched. It is good to enjoy this hill in the morning or evening.” diarykarim (Source)

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