Guru Stone

Guru Stone is a semi-floating rock located about 70 meters (230 ft) offshore Lake Toba in Pangaloan Village, Samosir. It has a diameter of about 50 meters (164 ft), a height of about 5 meters (16 ft), and a depth of about 3 meters (10 ft). It is about 1 hour from Tomok. To see it on the map, click here.

What’s Special

Guru Stone doesn’t touch on the lake bottom. Rather, it stands on three smaller-sized supporting rocks. Guru means teacher or master, a person with wisdom. The three supporting stones are believed to be the symbol of Batak philosophy called Dalihan Na Tolu. It consists of three messages: Somba Mar Hula-hula (respect elders), Elek Marboru (be gentle to women), and Manat Mardongan Tubu (be careful with and respectful of clan brothers to avoid misunderstanding on customs matters). These are the 3 lessons to learn from Guru Stone.

According to the folktale, once upon a time, two big stones clashed in a power struggle. The winner stood on the land, and the loser plunged into Lake Toba.

What to Expect

Things to do there are swimming, fishing, and sightseeing. You will enjoy more if you have a guide explaining the story. On weekends, many students are coming for the tour of Guru Stone.

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