Haranggaol is a small town on the north shore of Lake Toba and famous for its cave, panoramic view, and fishing. It is also famous for sweet mango fruit. It is about 4 hours from MedanTo see it on the map, click here.

If you want to find a place to rest while looking at the beautiful scenery, this is one of the recommendations for you. Landscape photos are also cool at this point. Actually, every corner of Lake Toba is interesting. Moreover, the panorama of Haranggaol consists of the indentation of the Bukit Barisan. When you look at it, your feelings of awe for the Creator will deepen. Don’t miss the opportunity to take pictures with a beautiful background in this place.

What’s Special

Haranggaol is famous for an ancient cave located right on the shore of the lake basin. According to the legend, the cave area used to be the place where Batak kings went out for vacation. It has become their favorite location because of special privacy it offers. The cave is not visible from outside. In contrast, there are great views from the cave. The front view is a combination of the green forest and the blue lake. Cliffs and valleys dominate the back view.

Haranggaol is also famous for fishing tours. Many types of freshwater fish live in its waters. They include tilapia, blue panchax (whitespot), walking catfish, silver barb, tinfoil barb, pearl danio, and much more. You can also enjoy this part of the clear lake by swimming and diving.

What to Enjoy

The main attraction of Haranggaol is a different view of the lake itself. You can get near the cave to sightsee the area while enjoying the weather and view. Most tourists say they enjoy seeing the expanse of Lake Toba from a distance. In particular, the natural scenery of the lake againts the backdrop of many green hills is a special charm of this tourist village.

The quiet and calm atmosphere makes Haranggaol suitable for travelers who want to take a break from the hustle and bustle of the city.

What to Expect

You will pass a number of curved and twisty roads along your way to the area. Avoid traveling at night due to the lack of road lighting. But, hotels and lodging are available at Haranggaol.

What Visitors Say

“Tourism is not for bathing in the Toba lake but also for learning about cage cultivation in Haranggaol.” Kartini Sirait (Source)

“I’ve been there twice, bro, in 2012 and 2013. it was good, unfortunately Many cages.” Cabrina Goeng (Source)

“I remember living there.” Yanti Chakila (Source)

“A few dozen years ago I was here, attending a brother’s wedding. But my memory says, Haranggaol is not like this. Back then, I wasn’t sure there were as many cages as there are now. I don’t even remember that paved road anymore. This village is growing.” yogaandleisure (Source)

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