Holbung Hill

holbung hill

Holbung Hill is a hilly terrain in the village of Janji Martahan, Samosir, on the southwest shore of Lake Toba. The location is famous for giving visitors a different view of the lake and its nice weather. There are many angles to enjoy the lake from, and Holbung Hill is one of them. The location is about 3 hours from the nearest airport. To see it on the map, click here.

What’s Special

Holbung Hill offers one of the best panoramic views of Lake Toba. For example, Mount Pusuk Buhit looks beautifully majestic from this spot. If you get there when the weather is clear, you will find the sky to look like a green abstract painting bluish. There is also a crack on the hill that glorifies its artistic look. Trekking uphill makes the trip even more exciting since it comes with the view of green grass along the way.

But what makes Holbung Hill special? Residents call it Love Hill (Bukit Cinta) because there is a view of the lake edge that resembles the shape of the heart, as can be seen in the image below.

Then, there is a park on Holbung Hill that further portrays its identity.

Many couples use the spot for their special moments like taking some pictures and proposing for engagements. They also visit Holbung Hill for pre-wedding pictures. Similarly, there are groups who come to this place for camping, staying there for a night or two.

What to Enjoy

The most that visitors enjoy a lot on this tourist spot is the view. Holbung Hill offers beautiful views of Lake Toba, Samosir island, and the park. The entrance fee is Rp 10,000 per person, Rp 5,000 per motorbike, and Rp 10,000 per car. If a traveler wants to set up a tent, an additional fee of Rp 5,000 will be charged. If you come in a group of 4 with a car and a tent, then the total cost would only be Rp 55,000 ($ 3.50).

Mild wind and clean air fresh from the nature is another thing to enjoy when the time is right. Come, relax, and witness the nature beauty. The heart-shaped park is a bonus for those looking for a memory. You can enjoy this architecture by walking on small stairs, sitting, filming, and taking pictures.

What to Expect

To get to the top of the hill, you need to walk up the hilly roads. But the path is clear so you won’t get lost. The walk is only 15 minutes. There are no trees that slow down the wind, and it can get cold sometimes. There are also no cafes or stalls in the area. So bring your supplies. The best time to get there is around 3 pm. Avoid mid-morning as sunlight heats up by noon.

According to visitors who have been there, it is advisable to set up a tent from morning until noon around 2 o’clock because after that time the wind will get stronger and can be troublesome. Also, please do not litter. We  recommend that you bring your own trash bag and take it with you when you want to leave this area.

What Visitors Say

“Very beautiful place!!!! Only pay Rp 5,000 per person and Rp 5,000 for a car. Must visit place when you visit Toba. You also can set a camp here.” I Made Binar Andromeda (Source) Note: the entrance fees have increased accordingly.

“Very recommended place to visit. You must make sure your driver skill is good enough since the road is narrow and bad. You must park your car and climb the stairs (maybe about 100 stairs),…” Yessy Lauren (Source)

“These hills gave me somewhat good feeling. Well, I arrived here when it’s rain so it was wet and slippery,…” Andi Pratama (Source)

“While at the top of Holbung Hill, you can see many tents for camping here. The view of Lake Toba is so nice from Holbung Hill. It’s a bit similar to the view on Komodo Island. Oh yes, Holbung Hill is also close to other tourist attractions such as the Tele View Tower and Efrata Waterfall.” Rudihartoyo (Source)

“If I’m being honest, the scenery is absolutely gorgeous. Wild flowers and weeds swayed in the strong wind, white clouds reflected off the blue lake water, islands and hills lined neatly with pine trees.” Nonikhairani (Source)

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