Huta Ginjang

huta ginjang

Huta Ginjang is a hill with an altitude of 1,555 meters (5,100 ft) above sea level, overlooking Lake Toba from its southern shore. It is only 15 minutes from the nearest airport. To see it on the map, click here.

What’s Special

Its height, proximity to the airport and the panorama have made Huta Ginjang an ideal location for visitors who like to rush to see Lake Toba upon arrival. If you have only one hour to spend on the lake, this is the spot to get to.

International gliding events often take place here due to its strategic location. Many tourists come here to try paragliding, one of the challenging sports because it is related to heights. Besides, it offers one of the best views of the lake, the shores, and pine forest. Not surprisingly, international paragliding events often take place here.

What to Enjoy

Huta Ginjang offers stunning natural panoramas to various directions. For example, it offers beautiful views of Lake Toba in general and Samosir Island in particular. In other words, Huta Ginjang is the right place to enjoy the two most famous tourist attractions on the island of Sumatra.

As mentioned earlier, Huta Ginjang is also the spot of paragliding sports. You can participate in the events when they are available. See Paragliding

What to Expect

It is often cold and windy in the area. Bring your jacket along. For the best view, come to Huta Ginjang only during the bright day. Sunrise and sunset are the most special times to be there.

What Visitors Say

“A nice place to view Lake Toba from above. Best time to come is early morning or afternoon, it becomes cloudy and windy after 3 PM. There’s hawkers but limited option of foods and drinks. They only sell Indomie and fried rice, coffee and other sachet drinks.” Dhyanayu Luthfia Almitra (Source)

“I was amazed. Perfect to start a road trip and have an overview of the lake an island.” Hendrik Schicke (Source)

“A good place to visit. Better use personal vehicle since public transport is uncommon in this area. There are lot of food stall with reasonable price hence you dont have to bring your own food.” Mathilda Maria (Source)

“The temperature is quite cold and the air is quite strong. It’s a good idea to visit here with full equipment such as a jacket and gloves, if you’re not used to being cold or don’t want to be cold. It would also be nice if you visit here during the day because the sun is shining brightly and the lighting to the view of Lake Toba looks clear and nice.” Valent Huba (Source)

“Huta Ginjang is a place to enjoy the natural panorama and Lake Toba. This place is also used as a base for paragliding (local people call it gentole) and usually lands in the village of Aritonang.” Exaudio Siregar (Source)

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