Janji Waterfall

janji waterfall

Janji Waterfall is a 30-meter (98 ft) high stream of water at Bakkara Valley. The torrent has an unspoiled forest background, cold air temperature, and a lake view. It can also be used as a bath since the water depth on the pond is approximately one meter (3 ft). The waterfall is at Marbun Village, about 2 kilometers (1 mi) from Baktiraja Subdistrict, Humbahas. To see it on the map, click here.

What’s Special 

It has a historical value for Batak. “Janji” means promise. According to the legend, Batak kings would come to this place to take oath from their troops before sending them to the battlefields.

The view of the waterfall is spectacular. There are trees and cliffs in the background. It is on the shore of Lake Toba, but the water does not fall directly onto the lake. There is a road (well paved) in between the lake and the waterfall. If you are entering the area, your view of Janji Waterfall is on the left and Lake Toba on the right.

What to Enjoy

You can choose to take a shower or just sit on one of the benches at a nearby coffee shop to watch the view. Be careful with slippery rocks if you bathe there.

What to Expect

The road to the location is relatively good. Nevertheless, you need to be careful because on the side of the road there are many trajectories. Narrow streets, curves and uneven road surface conditions are not unusual because the area is quite hilly. Available facilities include bathing places, toilets, booths, all of which are managed by the local community. To reach the waterfall point from the road, visitors need to walk along the concrete path as far as approximately 50 meters (164 ft).

What Visitors Say

“Very relaxing and beautiful … you can play in the pool under the air terjun … children and teens love this place … Food and drinks available here … Enjoy” Lenny Marbun (Source)

“Good view, but the best part is the trip to get here. The view is heavenly beautiful. You will find the best part of the southern Toba Lake.” Irwin Pangaribuan (Source)

“EPIC. Amazed by God’s creation.” Nanda Tampubolon (Source)

“The clarity of the water and some pine tree trunks are seen growing green around the spilled water, making this waterfall even more enchanting. At the bottom of the waterfall, there is a simple bathing place.” Valent Huba (Source)

“Visitors can enjoy the cool water that comes from the Janji Waterfall by bathing in a pool that is insulated like a bathroom by the manager.” Dorma Sihite (Source)

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