Lae Pendaroh Waterfall

lae pendaroh waterfall

Lae Pendaroh Waterfall is a waterfall that when it rains the color of the water turns reddish like blood. The word “Lae Pendaroh” means bloody waterfall. The water flows from nearby Sitinjo Hill. Located in the Dairi district, a small town famous for its coffee, this waterfall is right on the edge of the provincial road that connects Sidikalang with Berastagi. To see it on the map, click here.

What’s Special

Although the waterfall is only 15 meters (49 ft) high, the flow of water is steady and ultimately hits Lau Renun (a river), making it suitable for a rafting location. The water discharge is so fast that every visitor should be careful not to slip. Also, this waterfall consists of 7 levels. The first level is on the other side of the road.

Lae Pendaroh Waterfall has become one of the leading tourist attractions in Dairi. Many people (not only tourists) who pass this region at least choose it as a rest area. The first thing that comes to attention is its reddish waterfall. Then, upon resting they can also enjoy one of the best mountainous views Dairi has got to offer.

What to Enjoy

If you are on your way via the northern route and pass Lae Pendaroh Waterfall during day time, this place can be a photo hunting spot or a rest area. Every day, some people stop by the waterfall. Even though they are there only for a while, they usually choose to take pictures with Lae Pendaroh Waterfall in the background before continuing their journey.

Down the waterway is the rafting location that starts right at Lae Pendaroh Waterfall and finishes at any part of Lau Renun. You will need to bring your own rafting facilities to Lae Pendaroh Waterfall as no facility is available for rent on the spot.

What to Expect

A fence has covered the area of Lae Pendaroh waterfall so that visitors are safe. But, once you are inside the fence, a small slip from the rocks can drive you into the water. If you want to get into the water, you should be careful at all times and even more so in raining season. During the season, the water runs faster and looks more beautiful but can be dangerous if you fail to hold on to your knees as the water smashes you harder than it does in the dry season. But in summary, while you need to be careful, the waterfall is one of the best places to have fun and enjoy your vacation.

There are only a few food stalls (warung) near the waterfall. Order and bring your food and drink from your hotel if you stay in Dairi or Berastagi and plan to stop for rest in the area. You can park your cars right across the waterfall free of charge. There is also no entrance fee to the waterfall.

What Visitors Say

“The location is strategic, the view is beautiful, and you don’t pay at all.” Fadhli Alfarisy (Source)

“Cool, refreshes the eyes.” Orang Tua Jaman Now (Source)

“Every day someone just stops here. Because coincidentally this is a crossroad too, so many stopped by to take pictures, and after that, they immediately left again.” Mardiana (Source)

“…, After parking the motorbike, I immediately enjoyed the beauty of the waterfall on the edge of this highway. There is a gate and photo spots available as well as a cement staircase that leads to the waterfall pool,..” Chandra Sambas (Source)

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