Lake Lau Kawar

lake lau kawar

Lake Lau Kawar is a lake beneath the famous Mount Sinabung. The 2-square-kilometer (0.8 sq mi) lake is at Kutagugung village, Naman Teran sub-district (formerly Simpang Empat district), Karo. It is about 4 hours from Medan. To see it on the map, click here.

What’s Special

Lake Lau Kawar offers panoramic views comparable to those of Lake Toba. Availability of children playgrounds and camping grounds make it suitable for family trips. Hire a guide, and he or she will tell you a folktale about two brothers who kept fighting. Their names were Sinabung and Sibayak. Their quarrel made their mother so sad that her tears made up the lake.

What to Enjoy

The beauty of Lake Lau Kawar becomes clearer when you see some of the activities of local residents who pass through this point of interest. Usually, they fish in small boats on this lake. The lake is very beautiful when the sun is about to set. Photography lovers will definitely not miss this moment. The view of the fishermen returning home at dusk adds to the exoticism of Lake Lau Kawar.

What to Expect

A night trip from Medan is an excellent choice to avoid the heat of the sun during the day.

Especially during weekends, you will see couples and nature lovers walk around or stand for talks in the camping ground area, near the lips of the lake. A surcharge of Rp 2,500 ($0.25) for a person and a rental fee of Rp 5,000 ($0.50) per tent apply. There are also bamboo rafts that visitors can use to fish in the lake. It is okay to bath inside the lake, too.

During the evening, if possible, rent a motorboat to get around the lake. The rate is approximately Rp 10 thousand (about $1) for a person.

What Visitors Say

“This is the best place and view that I have [seen]. You guys must come and try it. So amazing.” Irwan Nasution (Source)

“Quiet place.. Nice place for camping.” Jimmi Putra Ginting (Source)

“Those who want self-healing, this is a really good place, which is directly at the foot of Mount Sinabung, can camp beautifully or stay in a villa, let’s pro with a budget that doesn’t drain the pocket, And you can rent a European-style canoe on the lake lau kawar” Andryano Rohaye (Source)

“Standing on the edge of the lake is increasingly visible and feels its natural beauty, the nature of North Sumatra. In the midst of rampant and incessant felling of trees, especially illegal logging, it turns out that the condition of the forest on the shores of Lake Lau Kawar is still maintained.” Hery Christian (Source)

“I still clearly remember a few years ago, when fishing while fishing on the shores of Lake Lau Kawar, or stopping for a moment to physically prepare when climbing Mount Sinabung, this location used to be a favorite place when spending holidays hanging out while enjoying nature and taking out fishing hobbies on the edge of the lake, a complete tourist destination at that time.” pandanadventure (Source)

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