What’s Special on Lake Sidihoni?

Lake Sidihoni looks like a bowl and is the largest lake (105 ha) on Samosir island. The lake often changes its colors, and residents associate this color change with events that will occur in Indonesia. For example, when the water is red, something bad is going to hit the country. What it is blue, peace and love abound. To see this unique lake on the map, click here.

What’s Special

The lake offers a beautiful landscape to enjoy. There is also scenery around the lake that is reflected on the lake water when the weather is clear. Surrounded by light green ramps and pine rows, it adds to the coolness of nature there. Visit the lake in the afternoon before the sunset. You should not miss orange color combined with the natural highland contours in a cool and fresh atmosphere that provides a sense of calm in your mind.

What to Expect

This clear-water lake has not become a favorite tourist destination due to the lack of development in the area. The people around the lake still use the water for washing, bath facilities, etc. There is no entrance fee; you just pay the parking fee.

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