5 Lake Toba Adventures You Must Try

Lake Toba adventures are challenging as well as exciting. If you are looking for a challenge, then we have Lake Toba adventures you must try. Try the Mikie Funland amusement park at Berastagi. The most “notorious” ride there is called Tsunami. The name can be attributed to a natural disaster in 2004 when the Indian Ocean tsunami took the lives of over 200 thousand people in Indonesia and other countries. Then register for whitewater rafting on Asahan River, where the ride wouldn’t let you adjust your seat along the course.

To test your adrenaline on Lake Toba, try our longer list below.

Ride Mikie Fundland

The park boasts a lot of rides for the young and old, from the very basic rides for kids to the very adrenaline pumping rides for daredevils. Tsunami is the most spectacular ride. You will sit in a row 4 people. It starts in slow motion, but within minutes you will be screaming with joy and fear of the fact that the engine just turns you upside down, and you have no place to escape. There are many other rides in the park. See more.

Raft on Asahan River

The river complex characteristics and swift currents have made it qualified for world-class rafting. The river is a regular venue for international rafting events such as the Asahan Whitewater Festival (AWF). The AWF course runs for 22 kilometers (13.7 mi) and consists of 4 sections. The third section is known to be the most challenging part of the entire course. With some of the most challenging rapids and difficulty grade reaching to 5 plus, this section of the river is called ‘The Nightmare.’  To conquer this part, aside from years of experience and more than right skills, it takes a whole lot of nerves and mental readiness. See more.

Paraglide on Samosir (Beta Hill)

Beta Hill on Samosir island is the ground zero of paragliding on Lake Toba. Run and fly on the parachute to satisfy your curiosity. During sunrise and sunset, the sunlight beams create a special effect to make the lake even more beautiful. In addition to having the good scenery, Lake Toba has stable weather and wind conditions, which makes it convenient for the athletes during their maneuver in the air. The long hill rows also allow them to survive long enough above the lake.

Kiss the Elephant

Elephants at Tangkahan have been trained to get along with tourists. You can bathe them in the river and then ride through the forest for 30 minutes to one hour with the guide of a skilled rider. While bathing them, you have a chance to touch them too. Some of you may not have the courage to do so, as they are much bigger than you and you are not sure that nothing could go wrong. See more.

Conquer Mount Sinabung

Mount Sinabung is a volcano that often becomes the target of climbing, located in the highlands of Karo. The height of this mountain reaches 2,451 meters (8,041 ft) above sea level. It has one of the most challenging peaks, namely the Peak of Batu Segal. This peak is a towering pillar of stone. Not to mention is the challenge from a crater that regularly releases hot steam. The hole is called Kawah Batu Sigala (Batu Sigala Crater). The volcano is currently active and dangerous. You are strongly advised not to try this at the moment.

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