5 Lake Toba Beaches You Must See

Lake Toba beaches are fabulous. Most of them stand out from the rest thanks to their vast landscapes and shallow waters. The water is cold and calm. They come with white or near-white sands, perfect for family vacations as well as romantic escapes. We have listed below the top 5 beaches on Lake Toba:

1. Silalahi Beach

Silalahi Beach is often called the tip of Lake Toba due to its apparent remoteness from many other attractions. Located in Dairi, it offers white sand beach, clear water, and rocky shores. You can see fish and rocks in the deep water. There are many rocks on the coasts. Unlike in other parts of the lake, some residential houses around the beach stand on the rocks. Local people also grow crops among the rocks. See more.

2. Parbaba Beach

Parbaba Beach is the nearest beach from Tuktuk, which is also the best and busiest beach on Samosir island. It has white sand and clear water. Nearby hotels and independent operators offer a variety of rides such as banana boats, jet skis, water bikes, rowing boats, and tires. The waves are modest. You can also avoid the water and only stay on the beach. While sunbathing under the sunshine or hiding under a fancy tent, you can enjoy coconut drinks or the Batak culinary. See more.

3. Bulbul Beach

Bulbul Beach is a typical white sand beach located on the southern shores of Lake Toba, a 30-minute ride from the town of Balige. There are small parks, swings, beach volleyball courts, and buildings jutted into the lake for selfie lovers. Local companies also provide game facilities for children and adults, such as water bicycles, canoes, banana and doughnut boats, as well as cruise ships in the area. See more.

4. Meat Beach

Unlike other beaches, Meat Beach is a lake part surrounded by a vast expanse of rice fields and famous for diving. The beach is perfect for you who like to swim and dive because the water is clear, deep enough, and full of fish. There are several locations near the beach often used for camping grounds, too. There are also some food stalls that offer goldfish and fresh carp cooked in various types of Batak cuisines such as Arsik. See more.

5. Ajibata Beach

Ajibata Beach is a sandy sloping beach on a bay where the water is calm in Toba Samosir. It is one of the most popular destinations on Lake Toba for water activities including jet ski and motorboat sports. The beach is not too far from Parapat where lodging is easy to find. It is also where the main port connects the mainland and Samosir. See more.

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