Lake Toba Events 2023

Lake Toba Events are busy. Lake Toba hosts many events each year. In other words, many things are happening. The most recent event that took place here was F1 Powerboat Lake Toba 2023. Dozens of racers from several countries around the world participated in the race. They are from Britain, Ukraine, Saudi Arabia, China, Portugal, Brazil, France, South Korea, and Qatar. Thousands of spectators also participated in the event.

We are monitoring Lake Toba Events, including festivals and festivities, for you. See latest updates on this page. Below is an example of regular event on Lake Toba.

Sigale-Gale Dance, Daily 10.30 am

Tomok presents the Sigale-gale dance every day at 10.30 am, assuming enough tourists show up. A sculpture made of wood that resembles a human being features the traditional dance. According to the legend, the doll originated from the story of a king in Samosir who lost his only son and heir apparent due to his death. The king had been in deep sorrow for a long time before he fell sick. He received various treatments, but none was successful. Then some king’s advisers made a wooden statue that resembled his son. After the figure was ready, the advisers then performed several ceremonies including the calling of the spirit of the son to get into Sigale Gale, the statue. He danced for his father and made the king happy and recover. See more.

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