3 Lake Toba Hot Springs You Must See

Lake Toba hot springs are among natural attractions to visit for leisure. The lake is also known for soda hot springs. The water bubbles make the particular hot springs more fun. Below are our four most recommended Lake Toba hot springs.

1. Pangururan Thermal Bath

Pangururan Thermal Bath (Aek Rangat Pangururan) is one of the hot springs in Samosir. Located at the foot of sacred Mount Pusuk Buhit, it offers clear water that flows directly out of the mountain. There are a few nice hotels in the area that have swimming pools by the lake and linked to the spring. Residents consider it sacred as it flows from the holy mountain. See more.

2. Sipoholon Hot Spring Bath

Sipoholon Hot Spring Bath is an exciting, fun, yet safe bath resort destination. Located in North Tapanuli Regency, the spring is always crowded by tourists, both local and foreign. The hot water comes from the center of the earth’s bowels, which flows all the time. The water is green and steamy due to the volcanic activity beneath. See more.

3. Parbubu Soda Water

Parbubu Soda Water is at Parbubu Village, Tarutung, North Tapanuli. It is the only soda spring in Indonesia. There are not many of such springs in the world, so it is worth coming here for a new experience. The water is warm, has bubble texture, tastes and smells similar to soda drinks. It is not sweet, just in case you are curious. See more.


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