5 Lake Toba Outing Spots for Your Company

Lake Toba outing spots are abundant to choose from. There are over 50 hotels and resorts on Lake Toba, about 20 of which are at Tuktuk alone. If you are looking for outbound space and accommodations for a large group, Lake Toba is a perfect choice. Local and English speaking event organizers are available to help you run the games, activities, and itinerary. Outing activities are a great idea to delight employees and family, and Lake Toba is the right location.

We have highlighted below 5 company outings on Lake Toba as a starting point. There are few other locations where group activities and company outings can also take place. Please contact us for a more detailed outing proposal.


Simalem (operated by 4-star Taman Simalem Resort) is a developed destination that provides outbound facilities, camping areas and various attractions designed for small and large groups. They include the park of Pearl of Lake Toba, Tongging Point, biwa tea, golf course, temple, animal garden, flower garden, and outbound like climbing cliffs, cobwebs, flying fox bridges, and so forth. See more.

Bukit Lawang

Bukit Lawang is famous for wildlife attractions, where big groups of people often come to see orangutans, gibbons, monkeys, etc. in wildlife by crossing into the Gunung Leuser National Park. It also offers a clear-water river and many inns with unique concepts, e.g., bamboo resorts and bamboo boat restaurants. Team building activities can take place at open courts near the river. Other group activities may include modest trekking into the jungle, feeding orangutans, rafting, and swimming under the waterfall. See more.


Tuktuk is a peninsula village located at Simanindo District, Samosir. It lies between Tomok and Ambarita. It offers the lake and mountain views along the peninsula. The air is fresh, typical of the remote areas. There are more than 30 hotels and guest houses of various types and sizes in the area. There are also museums and traditional houses and big spaces for group activities such as parties, games, competitions. See more.


Balige is a town on the south shore of Lake Toba. It has a concentration of lodging facilities that are ready to accommodate big groups. There are plenty of activities to do there for team building, from cruising the lake on a boat to water games and beach competitions. The area offers an outstanding scenic beauty of the lake and surroundings, too. The lodging facilities range from guest houses to star hotels. See more.

Aek Nauli

Aek Nauli is a forest picnic area and camping ground. There are also some trekking paths that lead to the lake’s shores. Group activities may include camping, outbound training, trekking, and going down the cliffs. Visitors can also take part in bee cultivation, incense harvesting, and waterfall tours. See more.

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