5 Lake Toba Romantic Places to Enjoy

Lake Toba romantic places offer scenic views for dating, wedding, and honeymoon. Either you are on a date, honeymoon or celebrating a wedding anniversary, Lake Toba is a perfect place for your romantic escape. The cool weather on a calm beach with a view of an amazing waterfall surrounded by the pine forest is the setting the lake has to offer.

Below is our pick of 5 romantic places on Lake Toba to consider.


The night to remember on Lake Toba could happen at Parapat, the most popular tourist destination in Simalungun. It offers the scenic beauty of Lake Toba and a historical tour of its own. There is an old house at the tip of a peninsula that has a very steep cliff. Built before a 2-hectare yard by the lake in 1820, the building is a landmark of Indonesia’s defense of its independence. The historic building is where President Sukarno (first president) had to exile and stay for about one month during the fight in 1949. There are also some other neoclassical buildings at Parapat, which add to the charm of the town.


“Bunga” means flower. Tarabunga is a hill by the lake, a famous site for pre-wedding photography. The spot is also famous for the honeymoon as well as family vacation. It has unique access to the hill, i.e., via a boat ride from the beach of Balige, in addition to the usual access by land. The beach is small and covered by trees, suitable for private discussion. Friendly hotels in the area provide excellent dining to serve you and your loved one under the moon. Tarabunga also offers a view of the row of hills on the edge of the lake as you wake up in the morning.

Sidiangkat Peak

Lake Toba is a fresh and romantic place for honeymoon and lovers. It has hills and peaks that offer a different experience at a different location. Take Sidiangkat Peak, for example, where there are three jumbo-sized bird nests prepared for lovers. Two of them hang between shady pine trees; another mounted on the grass. Only two people can sit properly in the nests. You and your spouse can get up there for photography before heading off for a drink at a nearby restaurant. From there, view a stretch of green trees and hills where wild animals such as monkeys, birds, and orangutans add to the richness of its natural scenery.


Book your honeymoon at Paropo, Dairi. It combines the views of a beach on Lake Toba and the surrounding hills. The scenery is still natural, and the air is still fresh. Paropo is popular among lovers who look for the sensation of living in harmony with nature. Enjoy special moments of nature’s beauty at sunset and sunrise, and relax during the day. Paropo is also a suitable location for fishing if you and your lover love the activity. Otherwise, you can spend your time swimming, playing banana boats, or kayaking.

Samosir Island

There is no more sacred place to express your commitment to love than in front of Mount Pusuk Buhit on Samosir island. The mountain is a symbol of love as, according to the legend, it was the place where the first Batak couple descended from heaven. They built their first settlement on the foot of the mountain; Bataks have grown to 8 million people since then. Many relics of megalithic times on Samosir tell many stories about Batak’s early life. To understand this, take the tours of Sigulanti Village (Sianjur Mula-mula)Stone Chairs of King Siallagan, Tomb of King Sidabutar, Ambarita, and Tomok. As the morning rises, you can soak on Parbaba Beach while tasting the coconut drink and Arsik fish.

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