Lake Toba Traveling with Kids Guide

Where to Stay with Kids

Samosir is ideal for families with small children as it has peaceful and sandy beaches. Langkat has waterfalls and rivers that allow safe rafting and swimming. The atmosphere is quiet there and walking around with kids easy to manage.

Parapat and Tongging are great areas for children too, yet the lake shore is steep and sometimes dangerous. If kids are old enough to surf or learn how to surf, these areas are perfect for a more active holiday. Both Parapat and Tongging have many restaurants, interesting shops, and beachfront clubs. Balige and some parts of North Tapanuli are more for youngsters and party goers. Berastagi is also recommendable for families with kids. The orangutan and monkey forest in Langkat is a fun highlight.

Airport Shuttle Service

Although the conditions at the local airports are improving, there can still be quite a hassle to get into a car or cab that takes you to your hotel or villa, particularly if you are traveling with kids, luggage, strollers, etc. If your accommodation does not include airport transfer, then you can pre-book your car online at a fair price and enjoy a hassle-free arrival with a driver who understands you, comes with a clean car that works and is big enough. Baby seats are available on request.

Baby Strollers and Equipment

There are no places where you can rent equipment such as strollers, baby cots, high chairs, etc. during your holiday on Lake Toba. Bring them along.

Contact with Animals

Make sure that your children don’t come into contact with street dogs, no matter how cute they seem as some have questionable health conditions. This caution also applies when you visit the orangutan and monkey forest. Make sure that your kids don’t do anything that could upset the animals, like chasing after them, showing teeth, or holding them.


Local people are child loving people but don’t expect too much. You may want to bring a babysitter that you trust from home to help you look after your babies during the trip. Lake Toba hardly has any professional babysitting service companies that provide child care, either.

Water and Waves

Unlike waves on the seashore, waves on Lake Toba is not much affected by weather and wind. They exist but are not significant. Nevertheless, always watch your kids playing on the beach and never leave them out of sight when they are near or in the water. The water can be deep within just a few feet or meters away.

Sun Protection

The sun is hot on Lake Toba. Kids will be vulnerable to sunburn. And even if it’s cloudy there is enough sunlight getting through that can cause sunburn. Bring your sun protection from home, as it is quite expensive to buy it on the spot.

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