North Tapanuli

North Tapanuli

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North Tapanuli is a regency on the southern shore of Lake Toba. Tarutung is its capital city. Other towns in the regency are Siborongborong (location of the Sisingamangaraja XII International Airport), Sarulla, and Muara. To see it on the map, click here.

What’s Special

North Tapanuli is known for its natural sparkling water bath, among other attractions. Residents claim there are only two soda baths in the world (another being in Venezuela). Bubbles of fizzy gas pop through the cracks in the rock. While soaking and feeling the sensation of the hot sparkling water, you will enjoy the stunning view of North Tapanuli countryside.

It is also famous for Sibandang, an island inside Lake Toba beside Samosir. Local people also call it “mango island” because it produces a lot of mangoes and sells them to other regions in North Sumatra. Residents plant almost the entire island with mango trees. The fruit is of superior quality with a sweet taste. But, the shoreline around Sibandang is mostly rocks, in contrast to sandy beaches of the Samosir island in general. It is a favorite night fishing spot. So, instead of spending the day on the sands, you will spend the night on the rocks.

Points of Interest

Below is the list of some points of interest in North Tapanuli:

Natural sites

  1. Huta Ginjang
  2. Parbubu Soda Water
  3. Sibandang Island
  4. Sipoholon Hot Spring Bath
  5. Tarutung

Cultural sites

  1. Cross of Love
  2. Hopong Village
  3. Natumandi Cave
  4. Sopo Partungkoan

Select North Tapanuli as your travel destination if you wish to visit Lake Toba and the above attractions.

Country Indonesia
Area (km2)3,764.7 (1,453.7 sq mi)


  1. Restoran Gorga ( Phone (+62633) 21249 )
  2. TIA Cafe & RestaurantPhone (+62633) 42297 )
  3. RM Batak LAMSIHARPhone (0633) 21516 )
  4. GEMAR CHINESE FOOD ( Phone number not available )
  5. Restaurant Podomoro (Halal)  ( Phone number not available )
  6. Ophal Resto & Doorsmear ( Phone number not available )
  7. Resto Mak Yus  ( Phone number not available )
  8. Royal Cafe And Resto ( Phone number not available )
  9. Harvest Resto ( Phone number not available )
  10. Chinese Food Bahagia ( Phone number not available )
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  1. Excel Coffee - Parkopi ( Phone (+62633) 7320179 )
  2. BREW BROTHER COFFEE ( Phone number not available )
  3. Cafe n Resto Roiyall Prima ( Phone +62811-6192-337  )
  4. Cafe KitokitoPhone +62813-6121-9694 )
  5. Putra Santai Cafe Siborongborong ( Phone number not available )
  6. Dome Cafe ( Phone number not available )
  7. Daniel Coffee Cafe ( Phone +62813-7552-0521 )
  8. DVM CafePhone +62813-7660-1601 )
  9. Royal Cafe And Resto ( Phone number not available )
  10.  TIA Cafe & RestaurantPhone (+62633) 42297 )
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Hotel & Restaurant Bali

Hotel & Restaurant Bali

Jl. Balige No.1, Tarutung, Tarutung, Indonesia, 22411, North Tapanuli
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Pia Hotel Pandan Sibolga

Pia Hotel Pandan Sibolga

Jl. Padang Sidimpuan Km 10, Pandan Tapanuli Tengah, Sibolga, Sibolga, Indonesia, North Tapanuli
 When visiting Sibolga, you’ll feel right at home at Pia Hotel Pandan Sibolga, which offers qu More info
1D Flexible Tour of Lake Toba (Private Tour)

1D Flexible Tour of Lake Toba (Private Tour)

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3D2N Medan - Berastagi - Tarutung (Private Tour)

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4D3N Balige - Samosir - Berastagi - Medan (Private Tour)

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5D4N Lake Toba Ring Road (Private Tour)

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