Lontung Stone Fence

lontung stone fence

Lontung Stone Fence is a historical site at Pagar Bolak Village, Samosir. It preserves many relics from the megalithic era. Lontung Stone Fence is approximately 1 hour from Tomok. To see it on the map, click here.

What’s Special

According to historians, this site has existed since 200 years BC, namely the era of megalithic. The area is a hill covered with trees hundreds of years old. The hill is also called Punden Berundak (similar to buildings arranged in the form of a castle that leads to a point with each terrace higher in position) which consists of 4 levels (almost the same as the castle in Europe.) The fourth level is a megalithic heritage warehouse, which represents a portrait of Batak life in the past. Not many tourists know about this place yet and hopefully the government will develop this so this place will become a place worth a visit.

What to Expect

Once you enter, you will immediately find a building like the entrance called by the residents as Harbangan (gate). Entry is free, but you are expected to tip the guard.

What Visitors Say

“Called the Stone Fence because the place is like full of rocks. Surrounding the place is fenced by neatly arranged stones.” Novita Siregar (Source)

“The village is surrounded by neatly arranged rocks. But now there are many landslides, caused by the roots of large trees and ditches that are not properly arranged.” gajahtobanews (Source)

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