Lumban Silintong Beach

lumban silintong beach

Lumban Silintong Beach

Lumban Silintong Beach is a beach located on the south shore of Lake Toba, approximately 1 hour from Sisingamangaraja XII International Airport. To see it on the map, click here.

What’s Special

Lumban Silintong Beach offers restaurants, cafes, swimming and natural scenery in a unique environment. The restaurants serve Batak culinary such as the typical grilled fish, curry goldfish, and spicy Mujair. Some restaurants catch the fish on request directly from Lake Toba. There are also many cafes with elegant designs which serve a variety of drinks including tuak (Batak wine).

One of the attractions of Lumban Silintong Beach is the Floating Cafe, which makes it different from the beaches in Balige or in Parapat. The coffee shop offers several meals and drinks at low prices. Moreover, you can enjoy food while watching the beauty of the lake there.

There is a unique game on Lumbang Silintong Beach. Children are hunting for coins on the beach, relying on their sight across the clear water. They will ask you to throw coins into the lake. Then, they are rushing to plunge into the water and compete to pick up the coins.

What to Enjoy

Lumbang Silintong Beach is a part of Balige. The town has lots of accommodations to choose from. It also offers general tourist facilites such as shopping centers and car rentals.

What to Expect

During the rainy season and especially at night, the weather can sometimes get freezing. Bring your jacket if you go out to the beach at night. The roads are small in some directions, so remind the driver to be extra careful.

What Visitors Say

“As long as I was in Balige, every Sunday or holiday many visitors came to enjoy the beauty of Lake Toba seen from the shores of Lumban Silintong.” eriksonrajagukguk (Source)

“This place is also a great stopover location when i watch the excitement of the Lake Toba festival which is helds every year. Another good thing that can be visits on the Luban Silintong beach  is the existence of a floating cafe. This cafe is also widely used as a hangout place for young people who come from various places around Balige.” safaashari18 (Source)

“This tourist attraction has a selling value that can be aligned with other tourism locations, so it is not surprising that this place is the main choice for enjoying holidays with family.” Linda Anggaraini (Source)

“If the arrangement is improved, it will certainly increase the interest and attractiveness of visitors because the panoramic beauty of the tourist attraction is not inferior to other tourist objects.” Sulistyowati (Source)

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