Lumbini Natural Park

lumbini natural park

Lumbini Natural Park (Taman Alam Lumbini) is a 3-hectare (7-acre) complex of golden pagodas and distinctive towers located at Tongkoh Village, Dolat Rayat District, BerastagiKaro. The Buddhist house of worship is open to the public as it has some privileges that attract visitors. It takes about 3 hours to get there from MedanTo see it on the map, click here.

What’s Special

The park includes one central pagoda (Pagoda) and eight small pagodas. The Pagoda is a replica of the Shwedagon Pagoda in Myanmar. To the left of the Pagoda is a tower that has the height of 19.8 meters (65 ft). Underneath there are a vine tendrils of 1.5-meter (5 ft)-long gold bracelets. At the top of the Pagoda, there are dozens of bells as trimmers that will strike if the wind blows. It is the highest pagoda in Indonesia.

To get to this Pagoda, you will pass a suspension bridge as a scattering infrastructure combined with dozens of hanging lanterns. The 20-meter long bridge is known as Titi Lumbini (Lumbini Bridge). Underneath there is a beautiful garden that is nicely laid out in harmony with the natural forest atmosphere around it. The fresh air will also always accompany your walk to the Pagoda. It will be a memorable experience.

What to Enjoy

Enjoy the beauty of Lumbini Natural Park. This property is decorated with statues of monks arranged in such a way that you will find it lovely. As it has a large enough area, you can take a walk while enjoying the cool weather. The location of the park is not only in the upper area, but also at the lower room.

Then, explore the pagodas inside out to see details of the structures. The tour is entirely on foot. However, there are some benches to sit on when you need to take some short breaks.

What to Expect

There is no entrance fee. You just need to fill in the guest book at the gate. Non-Buddhists can also get in. For Buddhists, it is a real and impressive prayer venue. To get into the Pagoda, you have to take off the footwear. No smoking, photography, food, and drink inside the Pagoda.

What Visitors Say

“This place is my must visit whenever I go to Berastagi. Though it’s a temple, it’s an open place for everyone. Don’t bring cigarettes or foods inside. No fee charged to enter. Enjoy the golden view and the natural scent from behind this temple.” Filbert Chandra (Source)

“Beautiful place, buddhist monument no entrance fee, they provide some costume to rent.” Vera Lie (Source)

“This is Buddhist temple and very beautiful place. Inside the temple have big statue of God Buddha. Can pray inside the temple.” Rupesh Shah (Source)

“If you are traveling to the foot of Mount Sibayak, stop at this place. The Pagoda Buddhist temple in the Lumbini Natural Park area is now a tourist spot that is visited by many tourists, and is open to the public.” Rahadikusuma (Source)

“For those of you who are in Medan or visiting Medan, besides Toba, take the time to visit this Lumbini Natural Park Pagoda. The architecture of this pagoda is worth a visit and deserves to be called one of the buildings that can be the pride of Indonesia.” Nazmulhayatisitorus (Source)

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