Maimun Palace

maimun palace

Maimun Palace is a legacy of the famous Deli Kingdom and an icon of Medan. Sultan Makmun Al Rasyid Perkasa Alamsyah built it in 1888. The cultural site has an area of 2,772 square meters (30,000 sq ft) and 30 rooms. To see it on the map, click here.

What’s Special

Maimun Palace combines elements of Malay cultural heritage with Islamic, Spanish, Indian and Italian styles. But, yellow, the typical color of Malay, dominates the building. Designed by Ferari, an architect from Italy, also boasts its unique interior. Then, its old age adds to a high historical value of this property. The building consists of two floors with three parts of the main building, the left wing, and the right wing. You can see the various collections of the Sultanate Deli in the palace. A variety of furniture, weapons, and other items that used to belong to another sultanate are there, too. Also, this mansion is a venue for various ceremonies in Medan. Among the unique heritage is a broken cannon. The weapon is named Indera Sakti who, according to legend, is one of two brothers of Puteri Hijau, the Deli princess.

What to Enjoy

This palace is one of the most beautiful palaces in Indonesia. This is because of its unique design with a blend of various cultures such as Malay-style Islam, India, Spain, and Italy. The influence of Islam itself can be see from the shape of the roof which is curve like a boat in the Middle East. Then in the living room, you will find the throne room which is dominate by yellow. The room which has an area of about 412 square meters was used as the coronation of the Sultan of Deli or other traditional events.

What to Expect

You can visit this attraction every day, from Monday to Sunday. Entrance fee is Rp 5,000 per person. The museum performs traditional Malay music live sometimes. In addition to seeing various items of heritage, you can pretend ‘narcissistic’ by wearing the available aristocrat clothes. The museum charges a rental fee for the clothes at a tariff ranging from Rp15,000 to Rp30,000 each. You can also meet with the Sultan’s family because his descendants still live in the building.

What Visitors Say

“A heritage historical place to learn about the kingdom in North Sumatera. Unfortunately the building and all the properties need to be properly and seriously maintained or renovated and managed well as a tourist destination. We can hire a tourist guide who will help us understand about the history of the kingdom and hear the sound of live music playing Melayu songs. In this place they also offer souvenirs we can buy.” Najib Kurniawan (Source)

“Medan have a great historical building and sites, but feel sad because the maintainance of this sites is not optimal.” Denny Wibowo (Source)

“Entering the palace we will be presented with various relics from the deli sultanate itself in the form of antiques and valuables as well as various items such as royal clothing, bracelets, earrings and many more that are of historical value. and the most interesting is the very beautiful royal throne.” okyatni (Source)

“Tips to get here, first, stop by to buy guava before entering the Maimun Palace. Sedap bak hang !!! While eating while studying history.” ayumipoyo (Source)

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