Medan Grand Mosque

medan grand mosque

Medan Grand Mosque is a large octagonal building for prayers. It has been a place of worship and the city landmark since 1909. Click here to see it on the map.

What’s Special

Medan Grand Mosque is one of the icons of the city of Medan. This mosque is a witness to the history of the greatness of the Deli Malay Sultanate. Located on Jalan Sisingamangaraja, Medan, Medan Grand Mosque stands firm and majestic. The architecture of this mosque is a blend of Middle Eastern, Spanish, and Indian styles.

The construction of Medan Grand Mosque began in 1906 and ended in 1909. The construction took place during the time of Sultan Ma’mun Al Rasyid and costed about 1 million guilders.

What to Enjoy

In the Medan Grand Mosque, there are hundreds of years old Qur’an. The Koran is displayed at the entrance of the male congregation. The Koran was made of old parchment and was made in the Middle East. If you look closely, there is an indentation of the Quranic verse which is handwritten. Even though it is hundreds of years old, the Quran is still intact and can be read clearly.

Medan Grand Mosque was built with a magnificent and unique architecture. The luxury of this mosque is not only seen from the size of the building and the land area, but also from the interior and the furniture used. The architecture of the Medan Grand Mosque is a blend of Turkish, Arabic, European, and Indian style concepts. This mosque was designed by JA Tingdeman, an architect from the Netherlands who was summoned directly by the Sultan at that time. Meanwhile, items for building mosques such as pulpits, marble pillars, tiles, decorative lamps and stained glass were imported directly from Italy.

In addition, the architecture of this mosque is also combined with Malay culture. This can be seen from the wooden doors that are painted blue and yellow. The yellow color implies Malay nature because the Sultan of Deli is a Malay.

What to Expect

When you enter, of course there is no charge because this place is a regional facility. Maybe you have to pay for parking fee the most expensive parking fee will be 5000 rupiah. You can also find many foods outside the fence around this mosque.

What Visitors Say

“A very large and beautiful mosque in the city of Medan, with an interesting history and architecture. They are also friendly.. especially muadzin He told how the establishment of this mosque .. everyone is welcome .. very tolerant .. and those who wear shirts or shorts will be loaned hijab for women and sarongs for bf is non muslim, but they allow entry…” Sri Puja Ayu (Source)

“Great historical mosque in Medan North Sumatra. The architecture is very interesting and looks beautiful.” Ahmad Subagio (Source)

“As soon as he entered the mosque, his heart trembled. The brown – orange mosque ornament depicts success in the past.” asacinta (Source)

“We were also enthusiastic to see the grandeur of the Al Mashun Grand Mosque. Very beautiful because it was renovated some time ago. The Al Mashun Grand Mosque is the pride of the people of the city of Medan. Moreover, it is located in the heart of downtown Medan.” bocahudik (Source)

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