Mikie Funland

mikie funland

Mikie Funland is a family theme park adjacent to Mikie Holiday Resort in Berastagi, Karo. It offers over 30 types of rides that can be enjoyed all day with a single ticket. It takes about 2.5 hours to get there from Medan. To see it on the map, click here.

Funland Mikie Holiday is one of the tourist attractions in Berastagi which will be crowded with visitors during the Christmas and New Year (Nataru) holidays. Sales Manager of Mikie Funland Berastagi, Simon Barus, ahead of the big day at the end of this year, the party is still setting the price of entrance tickets the same as usual. Entrance tickets to Funland on Saturday and Sunday are priced at IDR 105K.

What’s Special

The park boasts a lot of rides for the young and old, from the very basic rides for kids to the very adrenaline pumping rides for daredevils. Tsunami is the most spectacular ride (a tip, go for it as the last ride, don’t do it in the beginning). Food is plentiful and at moderate prices (not expensive). Try the jungle restaurant for choices. There are many photo spots and objects. It is a definite must go if you visit Berastagi. There’s also a big theater for special occasions. The theme park’s terrain is hilly with well-maintained gardens, attractions, and excellent decor.

What to Enjoy

1. Bon Voyage
A vehicle that simulates traveling at sea by boat. However, it is mandatory for children to be accompanied by parents to try this vehicle.

2. Buzz Coaster
This vehicle is a sled with a track length of 73 meters (240 ft), with a total of 5 carriages, each having a capacity of 2 people.

3. Dolphin Bay
This game is perfect for those who like adrenaline activities. The propellers are ready to rotate and swing riders upside down.

4. Sea Monsters
This vehicle has the effect of the shaking ship that shatters at unimaginable height and speed.

And, there are many other exciting rides to choose: Fly Up, Bumper Bee, Volcano, The Scream, Sea Battle, The Wave, Dino Egg, Dino Tracker, Mikie Star, Space Car, Twister, Sky Bike, Jurassic Tree , Dino Vs Dino, The Falls, Tsunami, Pterosaurs, Bubble Cab, The Breeze, Butterfly, The Flying Travelers, Sea Monster, Jelly Swing, Flying Fish, Koomba Dance, Moon Raker, Rollingstone, Shark Attack, Splash, T-Rex, and Wild Rides.

What to Expect

The park is only open on weekends and national holidays. The single ticket price for all games is Rp 120,000 ($9) for kids and adults alike. Expect traffic jam during weekends. There are a restaurant and several snack counters inside the park.

What Visitors Say

“The place is fun, really fun even. Every ride has its own thrill and really get your adrenaline pump. There is a ride for everyone and the place is large enough to enjoy,…” M Link (Source)

“Nice place. Kids below 90 cm and senior citizen (above 55 years) allow entry with no fee.” Andreas Sinulingga (Source)

“A heaven for children, many games, super big playground in mountain, the view is nice, the air is clean. Perfect for families. Vegetarian/vegan menus are limited. Short escape from hustling city.” Yuli Utami (Source)

“Funland Mikie Holiday Berastagi is really cool. The last time I went there was three years ago, the taste was still very ordinary, I didn’t feel the fun yet because it was more dominant when I ran up and down hills.” Wiwik Waluyo (Source)

“That day we had a great time at this Mikie Holiday Funland. I really don’t regret coming all the way here from Sibolga because the fun you get is worth the feeling of tiredness along the way.” plovea (Source)

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