Mount Pusuk Buhit

mount pusuk buhit

Mount Pusuk Buhit is a sacred mountain located in Samosir. It has the height of 1,800 meters (5,900 ft) above sea level and 1,077 meters (3,533 ft) from the surface of Lake Toba. To see it on the map, click here.

What’s Special

Mount Pusuk Buhit is a place of origin of Batak, according to legend. The legend said, Bataks are descendants of exceptional humans namely Siraja Odap-odap (also known as Siraja Batak, or King Batak) and Siboru Panujar. They were the first Batak to come to earth. The couple built their first settlement between Sagala valley and Lintong Maulana valley, which was on the foot of Mount Pusuk Buhit. The village was known as Sigulanti or Sianjur Mula-Mula. From there, Bataks have grown and spread out to what they are today.

There are also other sacred objects in the area, such Aek Sipitu Dai, Hobon Stone, and Sawan Stone.

What to Enjoy

One of the most popular activities here is tracking to the top of Mount Pusuk Buhit for the best and whole view of the area. You will take a motorbike ride for the most part, and walk a bit. Be willing to venture along the soil trek on the way to the top.

But, the beautiful and cool atmosphere along the trekking route is amazing. According to analysisdaily, not only does it offer the beauty of Lake Toba, but also rare plants. They include Eternal Flowers or Edelweiss Flowers.

What to Expect

There is a triangular building on top of the mountain. In every corner as well as in the middle of the house there is a white bowl fill with water and lime. Beside the bowl, there are sheets of betel leaf and lime fruit. On the left side of the building, there are two pillars each flying two flags of the same colors, i.e., white, red, and black. The colors represent spiritual symbols, i.e., white for heaven (purity), red for earth (tranquility), and black for underground (death). The site is for those who wish to take part in the prayer.

If you are looking for the breathtaking beauty of Lake Toba and the Bukit Barisan mountains on sunrise from the top of Pusuk Buhit, start climbing before dawn. To get there, you can ride a motorbike and trek for about 2 hours.

What Visitors Say

“Best place ever visited.” Welly Lee (Source)

“Almost all parts of Lake Toba can be seen from this place.” Gothman Tambunan (Source)

“Adrenaline-challenging hills for climbers.” Maduma Tourism Travel (Source)

“Pine trees that grow sparsely and hills from the remnants of the volcanic activity of the Ancient Toba Volcano make a very extraordinary natural panorama. From this mountain we can also watch the sun rise (sunrise) or at sunset (sunset).” sohibcamp (Source)

“view of Lake Toba that spoils the eye and pine trees and weeds so that the eyes never get tired of looking.” bajalang (Source)

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