Mount Sinabung

mount sinabung

Mount Sinabung is an active volcano that often becomes the target of climbing, located in the highlands of Karo. The height of this mountain reaches 2,451 meters (8,041 ft) above sea level. To see it on the map, click here.

What’s Special

Mount Sinabung holds the record for the longest eruption in Indonesia. This volcano had been erupting sporadically from September 15, 2013 to September 10, 2020 (7 years).

What to Enjoy

Conquer Mount Sinabung by foot. The climbing routes are full of beautiful tropical forest. There are also expanse fields of colorful vegetables, fruits, and flowers. On the way in the jungle, you will also feel the distinctive smell of leaves and trees only found in the tropical forest. Besides, you will hear the chirping of birds that are so tempting that you wish to observe it up close.

Mount Sinabung has one of the most challenging peaks, namely the Peak of Batu Segal. This peak is a towering pillar of stone. Not to mention is the charm of Sinabung crater that regularly releases hot steam. The pit is called Kawah Batu Sigala (Batu Sigala Crater).

What to Expect

The temperature at the peak is an average 15° Celsius (59° F). It is slightly difficult to find water on the way, so bring your survival stuff. When you are almost reaching the top, you will be through the challenges of steep rock paths. The ticket price for climbing Mount Sinabung is Rp 10,000 ($0.8). Hire a guide to join your adventure for safety reasons.

Due to the volcanic activity, this point of interest is not open to public until further notice.

What Visitors Say

“The terrain is steep rocks and not flat. I swear I’m tired. But somehow I’m still excited. I keep climbing. And when I look back subhanallah, its beautiful. I can see Lake Lau Kawar from up here. I realized that I had come a long way.” Miss Tariita (Source)

“While watching the magical colors at sunrise, I suddenly felt that this place became the ideal place to contemplate. But at that time I couldn’t think of anything else other than being amazed at the beauty of nature that was so perfect in front of my eyes.” Citra Rahman (Source)

“Climbing Mount Sinabung is very fun and full of challenges in my opinion, starting from the easy access to the location and the excitement of being on a passenger car along from the city of Medan to Lake Lau Kawar, although this seems dangerous but in fact this is unique because it is a habit of many local people.” Novem Hutauruk (Source)

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