Natumandi Cave

natumandi cave

Natumandi Cave is a cave with a legendary story taken from the name of a beautiful girl, Natumandi. Located in the village of Huta Barat, Tarutung District, North Tapanuli, the cave is about 2 hours from the nearest airport. To see it on the map, click here.

What’s Special

The story began when the girl and a man from Samosir named Simangunsong fell in love. Unfortunately, her parents were not happy with her choice. Natumandi and the boy finally decided to escape the village. But, she still loved the parents and wanted them to find her later. She also wished them to know that she was safe. Natumandi deliberately dropped grains of rice along her journey as a sign of her trace. As expected, the parents followed the sign and reached a cave hole that no person could pass. They figured out that their daughter lived safely inside. That was possible because Simangunsong had a supernatural power to convert human beings into snakes.

What to Enjoy

Many visitors who come to the cave believe that with the visit they can find a mate. In reality, they come with partners already.

What to Expect

Many roads are paved but in some parts are still hard to ride. You will pass a river that has a swift current on your way to the area. There is no entrance fee, but a voluntary donation is welcome.

What Visitors Say

“The scenery there is beautiful and cool.” Kevyn Family (Source)

“Looking at the very beautiful nature.” Hiens Tukang Serabutan (Source)

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