Panabungan Hot Spring

Panabungan Hot Spring is a hidden paradise in North Tapanuli Regency. Here adventurers will find something different, where the natural charm is so magical and enchanting, which has not been touched by tourists at all. To see it on the map, click here.

What’s Special

This place is a little different from the hot spring tours you will find along the way to Tarutung city. For this Panabungan Hot Spring, tourist visitors don’t bathe or soak, in other words, this place is not a hot spring, but a place that is so beautiful, which is a shame if you don’t explore it.

For those of you with an adventurous spirit, I think this place is the best place to vent your adventurous spirit. You need extra energy to pass through various obstacles.

What to Enjoy

Arriving at the Panabungan hot spring location, your eyes will be amazed by the beautiful natural charm. The view of the beautiful hot spring hills and hot water flowing swiftly will amaze you with the magical power it offers to you.

For some of you, you should not forget to enjoy what nature has to offer, such as sitting and relaxing on a rocky hill, while enjoying the beautiful nature. Or what should not be forgotten, is taking photos to capture your holiday moments that are so exciting and fun.

This place is not a hot spring tourist spot. This place is not recommended for bathing or bathing. Because the temperature of the hot water here is above the boiling point so it is not possible to take a shower or bath.

What to Expect

The tracking path to the location is very difficult, you have to go through wilderness, steep rocky hills, and have to cross a river. So for those of you who have an adventurous spirit and like to challenge dangers, you must have a special feeling when exploring each tracking path.

This place is still rarely explored by travelers, and another place is still sacred by the local area. So for those who want to visit hot springs, you should keep your speech polite.

In addition, because the location is also far from residential areas, it’s better if you want to go on an adventure to this place, take your friends or a guide who understands the location of the terrain. So that you don’t have anything to do with it.

Because it’s not yet a tourist spot, or anything else. Automatically this place doesn’t have any facilities, not even for vehicle parking. So for those of you who bring motorbikes, it’s a good idea for you to really bring good security when you come to this place. Those where motorbikes are parked illegally, in other words, there are no guards.

What Visitors Say

“Savings Hot Spring Those who like Adventure please try here Not a place for hot showers, because the water is very hot and the cold water is not clear. Do not bring a vehicle because there is no parking space, I live behind my bike (hope it’s safe from theft).” Asal Jalan (Source)

“Natural beauty, keep it clean Local wisdom still applies.” Yoa Tobing (Source)

“Access from the nearest village is very far, you should use a qualified motorbike because the entrance is quite extreme. You have to walk through rivers and hills. Steep rocks,…” Fadhli Alfarisy (Source)

“Suggestions if you go there, don’t be alone, bring the locals, I’m afraid there will be things that you don’t want because the road leading to it seems too dangerous and too risky, too slippery” IndahNJ Ipsos (Source)

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