Pangururan Thermal Bath

Pangururan Thermal Bath is a hot spring at Pangururan, Samosir. Residents call it Aek Rangat. It offers clear water that flows directly out of the mountain to swimming pools by the lake. To see it on the map, click here.

What’s Special

The hot bath in cold weather is a unique experience. This place is believed to treat skin diseases and provide a relaxed sensation because there are sulfur substances in it. Hot water is flowing from a large column in the mountain that looks white, which adds to the real impression of spring. In front of you in the panoramic view of Lake Toba and the rainforest mountains.

What to Expect

Select the right accommodations at Pangururan, or you will end up taking a bath in a public pool only. Some hotels provide choices of baths, from hot to moderate. Then there is also a pool for women, for men, and for children. After bathing, get out to warung (village restaurant) to order typical Batak food such as Gomak noodle and egg-milk tea for refreshments.

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