Parbubu Soda Water

parbubu soda water

Parbubu Soda Water is a natural soda thermal bath located at Parbubu Village, Tarutung, North Tapanuli. It takes 1 hour from the nearest airport to get there by car. To see it on the map, click here.

What’s Special

Parbubu Soda Water is the only soda spring in Indonesia. The water is warm, has bubble texture, tastes and smells similar to soda drinks. The residents call it Aek Rara Tarutung (Tarutung Red Water). Special characteristics of the bath:

  • The color of the water is reddish
  • When you bathe in the water your body will foam and eyes sting (if exposed to splashes)
  • The water is not sticky, unlike soft drinks
  • Bathing there makes you feel fresh and light
  • The water tastes a bit salty

What to Enjoy

Enjoy the sensation of a warm water bath in the soda spring as you watch bubbles of fizzy gas popping through the cracks in the rock. A refreshing sensation immediately hits your body when you plunge into the pool.

Because the location is on the side of a rice field area and has hills, the panorama is no less impressive. While soaking and feeling the sensation of the foam of sparkling water, you will also enjoy the charming views around.

What to Expect

The size of the pool is not too wide. Its diameter is not more than 7 meters (23 ft). It is a private property located in the open space near rice fields, only 10 minutes from Tarutung. The owner charges an entrance fee of Rp 5,000 ($0.40) per adult. The water may cause pain in the eyes. The pain won’t be dangerous and will fade away, but use eye drops if you want to remove it faster.

What Visitors Say

“Free public pool, don’t expect the facilities to be top-notch. The soda properties of the water and the scenery are the real draw.” Nugraha Adi (Source)

“…Entrance to this place is very cheap, every visitor can freely swim, enjoy this natural soda water. There are already bathroom facilities and changing rooms.” Richan (Source)

“However, to get a better sensation to bath at this tourist location, every visitor is advised to come early in the day or in the afternoon only, because in the afternoon there are enough people who have finished their bath at this location, so the water looks cloudy, because sometimes visitors take a shower and use soap and shampoo. However, don’t worry, the sparkle water keeps changing, from under the springs the soda water continues to flow. And, on the edge of the bathing pool the water is dumped and flows into the rice fields.” Jecklin Purba (Source)

“The color of the water is almost red, so the name Tarutung Soda Water Bath in the Toba Batak language is called Aek Rara Tarutung, aek is water and rara is red.” Valent Huba (Source)

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