Paropo Village

paropo village

Paropo is one of the villages in the Silahi Sabungan District, Dairi, that offers a unique natural scenery of Lake Toba. It is located 130 km (80 mi), or about 4 hours of drive, to the south of Medan. To see it on the map, click here.

At the beginning of this year, the construction of the wharf in Paropo started. There are several things that need to be arranged so that it really becomes a good pier and becomes a new livelihood for local residents. Regent Eddy said that this pier would later become a means of transportation in the Lake Toba area. He said that a good and good wharf had to be on Lake Toba because this area was a super priority by the central government.

What’s Special

Paropo Village combines the views of a beach on Lake Toba and the surrounding hills. The scenery is still natural, and the air is still fresh. Camping activities are popular among visitors who look for the sensation of living in harmony with nature. Enjoy the special moments of nature’s beauty at sunset and sunrise, and relax in between the two. Paropo Village is a suitable location for fishing, too.

Silahi Sabungan District is a geosite within the Toba Caldera Geopark. The cliffs and rocks in the area are an essential element of the park.

What to Enjoy

Paropo Village has a nice beach area to stay at. From there, you can enjoy the natural beauty of Lake Toba, the sun, and the sound of birds chirping. They sure will make you wish to extend your stay. In addition to being a spot for relaxation, Paropo Village is often used as a photo background boasting beautiful Lake Toba and nearby hills.

Its strategic location also makes it a favorite place for camping and fishing. Many tourists who visit Paropo Village take the time to fish in the waters of Lake Toba. There is no surcharge for fishing once you have booked the hotels in the area. Spend the night at Paropo Village Beach and grill the fish that you have caught with friends and family.

What to Expect

If you want to fish, bring your fishing equipment from home because it is hardly available around Paropo Village. If you travel via Balige, Tongging, Parapat, or other towns, buy it there before leaving for Paropo Village. The road to the area is a challenge due to the distance (e.g. 4 hours from Medan as mentioned above) and its winding structure.

What Visitors Say

“Nice place, recommended venues for family. There is parking lot, toilet and a small restaurant.” Kriswanto Ginting (Source)

“Amazing View.” Yunita Malau (Source)

“Adventure place.” Robitho Hamdani (Source)

“Bukit Paropo is one of the destinations for nature lovers for beautiful camping or just coming to have fun, the view is really good when it’s sunny.” Betasuntea (Source)

“At night the sky was very bright. The moon was large and beautiful with a single starlight and clouds beside it. Like a painting!” Lianty Putri (Source)

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