dewi kwan in statue

Pematangsiantar (also called Siantar) is a city in North Sumatra, approximately 50 kilometers (30 mi) north of Lake Toba. It used to be a part of Simalungun Regency.

What’s Special

The town has some tourist attractions, including the giant Dewi Kwan In statue and Simalungun souvenir shopping centers. Dewi Kwan Im is the name of the princess and the legendary daughter of a cruel king. It is also a city famous for its tricycle transportation. Below are the city attractions:

Pematangsiantar Zoo The zoo features about 4 hectares of animal breeding. Its collections include Sumatran tigers, lions, orangutans, snakes and birds that live in the rainforest of Simalungun.
Flower garden Flower Garden is the name for Merdeka Siantar Square. Its various types of plants manage to attract the travelers to take rest there. Young people also spend their time at the square because it is far from the noise.
Avalokitesvara Monastery Inaugurated on November 15, 2015, the famous monastery of the Kwan Im Goddess Statue is a tourism landmark of the city. The monastery, built as a place of Buddhist engagement, has become a symbol of cultural and religious diversity in North Sumatra.
Simalungun Museum The museum stands majestically on the Sudirman Street. It holds various types of archaeological objects. There are about 1,000 collections to see and learn. See more.
Bah Butong Waterfal Bah Butong is the name of a waterfall in the area of Sidamanik tea garden. It offers both nature and history. Around this location, there are turbines made during the Japanese occupation and a high waterfall (about 7 meters) surrounded by various types of plants.
Sidamanik Tea Plantation Its location is adjacent to Bah Butong Waterfall, that’s why if you are on a holiday to Pematangsiantar make sure to visit two places. Sidamanik Tea Plantation is the second largest black tea plantation in Indonesia and has been operating since tens of years ago. See more.
Natural Baths Various natural baths exist in and around Pematangsiantar. The naturalness and freshness that you get is indeed a paradise that you should not miss. There are also several swimming pools to spoil you, such as Natural Baths Timuran and Karang Anyar.

What to Expect

Make sure to enjoy coffee, tea and beautiful weather beside all those attractions in the town. If you travel to Lake Toba via Medan, you are most likely to pass the city.