Rumah Jamur

Rumah Jamur is a camping spot by Landak River in Bukit Lawang. It offers camping, glamping, outbound, caving, and trekking. Its unique attraction is dining and relaxing in huts that are shaped like mushrooms. There are four of them. The place is about 3 hours from the city of MedanTo see it on the map, click here.

What’s Special

Rumah Jamur is a great place to spend your day on Lake Toba. You can rent a hut or tent on the expansive lawn. Don’t be afraid if you have trouble putting up a tent. There will be staff who will help. Access to the river is also very close and easy. The river has clear and cold water.

What to Enjoy

Relax and enjoy the fresh air and the view of green vegetation. You can also swim or soak in the Landak River for free. The place is great for short or overnight camping. You can light a bonfire at night and set up a party for your group. If you like durian, you can try the taste of this fruit during certain seasons at this place. Rumah Jamur Landak River is also a suitable place to hold outbound activity.

Rumah Jamur Landak River is within walking distance to trekking locations. You can bring your personal guide or a guide recommended by the owner of Rumah Jamur Landak River. Trekking can be done individually or in a group. There are so many new things that you will find while trekking. In particular, it will increase your knowledge about nature.

There are also several waterfalls nearby. Then, there is also a large cave named Gua Batu Kapal that you can visit. What’s more? The rafting area is also close to this place. We recommend to do this activity in groups because the sensation will be very different and much more fun. However, it is important to note that this place is still under development. So, there are more activities to come.

Various facilities are free. They include parking space, toilets, electric plugs for charging cellphones, wood for bonfires, and a prayer room. There are also a canteen and a hall that you can use.

What to Expect

You must follow all the rules set up by the owner. For example, trekking shall use a guide at all time. For access to other places like trekking, the owner of this place will probably recommend a guide and you will have to make a fee agreement with him.

What Visitors Say

“We miss the calm atmosphere there. If we have time we will visit again.” weldyalhadi03 (Source)

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