What’s Special at Sampuran Waterfall?

Sampuran Waterfall is a waterfall in the forest that is still thick and lush. It is in the area of Hutanamora Village, Balige District, Toba Samosir. It takes approximately 1 hour of driving from Balige and additional 1 hour of walk to get to the waterfall. To see it on the map, click here.

What’s Special

The natural condition around the waterfall, which is still untouched by humans, gives special pleasure for the visitors. The forest is still thick and stable to maintain the availability of this waterfall source. The water is cold and fresh, far from environmental pollution. For nature lovers, this waterfall has extra value because it has some challenges to get in. In particular, they have to conquer the obstacles through rice fields, rocks and weed grass in the middle of the forest before arriving at the waterfall.

What to Expect

You have to walk for 1 hour from the parking lot to reach the waterfall. Big trees and bird-chirping voice will accompany you while traveling in the forest. There is no entrance fee other than Rp 5,000 ($ 0.40) for motorbike or car park.

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